What type of tourist should one be? Be a snowbird and fly south to the tropical beaches for the winter like most other sane people. Or be a winter wolf and fly north to where winter is the most intense and gaze up in Arctic wonder at the majestic Northern Lights?

The Yukon territory is a stunning off-the-beaten-track destination for those thinking of going north. While the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the continent's most popular destinations filled with beaches, Mayan ruins, and Spanish architecture. While there, explore the stunning cenotes that alone make Mexico worth visiting.


The Winter Wonderland Of The Yukon

The Yukon is the Canadian territory adjacent to Alaska and is the least populated province of Canada. Has a population of only around 36,000 people with Whitehorse being the main settlement here, in fact with 25,000 people Whitehorse has around 70% of the territories population.

  • Population: 36,000
  • Main Settlement: Whitehorse

This is a very remote and adventurous destination - doubly so in the winter. Here the winters are long and dark and freezingly cold. But it is also an arctic wonderland. Here one can gaze up to the long night skies behold the dazzling Northern Lights dancing across the sky (snowbirds in the Yucatan can't do that!)

  • Mount Logan: In Yukon Rises to 5,959 Meters or 19,551 Feet - Is The Highest Mount In North America After Denali

Of course, there is less to do in the winter but there is plenty to keep one busy. Go dog sledding - go sledding under the Aurora Borealis!

Hiking will be difficult in the winter, but instead go cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and even ice fishing.

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Full-Day Dog Sled Tour

Dog sledding is perhaps the most popular activity in the Yukon in the winter. Into the Wild Adventures offers a range of dog sled tours, this full-day tour takes one through 48 kilometers of beautiful trails. On the tour, one will cross frozen lakes, climb a mountain, as well as see the old boomtown days of the region on old mining roads.

The tour includes a total elevation gain of over 800 meters. Get to know the loyal pooches and be amazed by their commitment, loyalty, and never-ending energy.

On this tour one will drive one's own sled dog team - no one sits on the sled (there are other tour companies that offer that in Whitehouse). Each tourist will have 4 to 5 sled dogs per team (depending on the length of the tour, the weather conditions, etc.)

They have winter gear available for use - boots, snow pants, mitts, and parkas, but bring one's own gloves, balaclava, and the like.

  • Price: $350 CAD ($272 USD)
  • Duration: 4 to 5 Hours On The Trail (6 Hours Total)
  • Pick Up: Available For An Extra $15.00 CAD

A Tropical Beach & Mayan Ruins Holiday In The Yucatan

Dog sledding and freezing while fishing isn't everyone's cup of tea - neither does it have to be rugged up to the nines all the time. A more tempting option may be to head south to the stunning sun-soaked beaches of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

  • Enjoy: Sunbathing, Scuba Diving, Cenotes, Mexican Food, Native Culture, Ancient Ruins, but no Dog Sledding

Here instead of freezing one can be sunbathing - cocktail in hand under the coconut trees. And instead of dog sledding, one can explore the ancient Mayan ruins of the region.

The State of Yucatan is a Mexican state rich in culture, history, tradition, and a plethora of natural wonders. The food is delightful as one will enjoy the very best Mexican food like delicious panuchos (traditional patty), cochinita pibil (seasoned pork stew) tacos, and refreshing chaya water.

  • Chichén Itzá: Mayan Ruins Considered One of the New Wonders of the World

There are plenty of beaches around the main city Mérida like Playa Progreso. Here one can strip down and relax one the best with the other over tanned or tourists-turned-lobsters who until the day before were pasty white.

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If the Yucatán Peninsula is the destination of choice, then the peninsula also includes parts of neighboring Belize and Guatemala and not just Mexico. These states have more of their own unique experiences and attractions waiting for one to consider.

One can explore the jungles or just hang back in the all-inclusive resort hotel and soak in the infinity pool all day.

  • Mérida: Boasts Colonial Architecture

The Lonely Planet says:


"Without a doubt, this corner of Mexico boasts some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline you'll ever see... On the east coast, you have the famous coral-crushed white sands and turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean, while up north are sleepy fishing villages with sandy streets...."

Go scuba diving the reefs and see the tropical fish, discover the region's cenotes, and spy hundreds upon hundreds of bird species calling the jungle home.

So which to choose? Most choose the paradise of the tropics than the biting cold and pitch dark of the Arctic, but for something different consider going the opposite way to most other folks.

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