Canada's beauty is so vast that it may even require a lifetime of traveling to witness its beauty (and that goes beyond the undeniable beauty of Niagara Falls). This North American country offers the curious traveler many activities and sights to tantalize the senses, from its multicultural food to the gorgeous natural landscapes. Nature enthusiasts may be compelled to visit Canada's Yukon territory when planning their next adventure.

As one (out of three) territories in the friendly north, the Yukon has caught the attention of travelers in recent years due to its remarkable wildlife, vast landscapes, and rich culture tied to the Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Adventure seekers and lovers of nature need to pack their bags; these are why the Yukon is the best travel destination for unrivaled adventure and natural beauty!

8 Yukon Offers Beautiful Views Of The Northern Lights

Also known as aurora borealis, Canada's Yukon territory is all too familiar with the stunning views of the northern lights. This spectacular display is possible thanks to the Yukon's position, located at 60 degrees North and 135 degrees West. As a result, tourists can expect to see the most beautiful view of the lights from mid-August to mid-April, which gives a wide window of opportunity!

7 They Experience All Four Seasons

It may be a common misconception that Yukon only experiences a wintry wonderland all-year long. However, this is far from the truth! This Canadian territory experiences all four seasons. That means there's a variety of activities to enjoy for visitors, no matter when they decide to visit. Most interestingly, tourists who tour the Yukon in the summer will witness an interesting phenomenon; that is, in June and July, the territory receives up to 21 hours of sunlight!

6 The Natural Landscape Make For An Incredible Road Trip

The Yukon only experiences Fall within two short months. However, this time, visitors can explore and witness many things during this period, especially during a scenic road trip. In the Fall, road trippers can watch migrating caribou or drive along the picturesque Campbell and Canol route, connecting Alaska and the Robert Campbell Highways.

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5 Witness Incredible Wildlife At The Herschel Island's Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park

Despite its tiny size of 116 square kilometers, Herschel Island is also Yukon's only offshore island, yet it has been the home of the Inuvialuit community for millennia. This island is also teeming with abundant wildlife, especially the black guillemots. Unfortunately, due to the remote nature of this park, visitors can only access it via charter plane or boat between June to September. However, lucky guests who can make the journey will be greeted with views of the polar sea while learning about the archaeological history of this area, which goes back to thousands of years.

4 Adrenaline Seekers Can Try River Rafting!

The dramatics of volcano (or sand) surfing may not be every adrenaline seeker's cup of tea; instead, how does river rafting in one of the world's most pristine rivers sound? In the Yukon, adventure-seeking travelers can try their hand at rafting, especially in areas like the Tatshenshini River. The view while rafting is virtually unbeatable, as guests will enjoy being immersed in an arctic landscape studded with gorgeous glaciers and dramatic canyons. The "last frontier" views are genuinely beautiful and are guaranteed to take breaths away.

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3 Camp At The Tombstone Territorial Park

Situated near the Dempster Highway, the Tombstone Territorial Park is the destination for those interested in viewing unique wildlife special to the arctic region. Those who visit this remote park (it's so remote that it has no cell service!) will not only get a chance to bask in the incredible atmosphere; they can also learn about this ancient land that belonged to the First Nations Culture, which was nicknamed Ddhäl Ch'èl Cha Nän ("ragged mountain land"). This 2,200 square kilometer park is suitable for serious (and experienced) hikers and backcountry campers.

2 Hike Through The Kluane Region

The beauty of Canada can be found throughout the country, from the majesty of Niagara Falls to the unique waterfront of Hudson Bay. Additionally, hiking in Yukon's Kluane region is a sensory treat for the curious traveler. As part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kluane area is where nature enthusiasts can bask in the beauty of Canada's largest peaks and a landscape product of the last ice age.

Plus, lucky travelers may even spot a couple of black bears, mountain goats, or Dall sheep along the way; be sure to keep a safe distance from them, though!

1 The Ivvavik National Park Is Reserved For True Nature Enthusiasts

Travelers who've never witnessed the splendor of midnight sun in the summer ought to do so at the Ivvavik National Park, formerly referred to as the North Yukon National Park. Additionally, this park is teeming with wildlife from the Arctic Circle. The site is also perfect for hikers, campers, and adventure enthusiasts interested in river whitewater rafting. The area is also home to several archaeological sites for tourists interested in a bit of history.

Furthermore, the Ivvavik National Park is extraordinary because it's only accessible by charter plane!

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