Norway is one of those countries that everyone should see. It is a stunningly beautiful country and is just made for nature lovers. It is a land of boundless beauty boasting many of the world's most impressive fjords, snowcapped mountains, quaint villages, the dancing northern lights, and Arctic wilderness.

If it is one's first time going to Norway one may not know what to expect. And anyone going there is likely to have some questions about the Nordic country. Here are some of your questions answered.


Is Norway Expensive?

Yes, Norway is famously (or infamously) expensive. As of the time of writing (February 1, 2022), the price of gasoline in Norway was the third highest in the world according to Global Petrol Prices. It was behind only Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Whereas the United States was averaging around $0.975 dollars a liter, in Norway that was $2.190 a liter. So one can expect gasoline to be at least double the price.

While rent is more expensive in NYC, the cost of consumables is higher in the Norwegian capital Oslo and the purchasing power is lower according to

So Norway will need to be a destination that one budgets for, it is not a cheap holiday. Norway's reputation for being expensive is real - plus its alcohol is also very expensive.

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Are Norwegian Fjords As Beautiful As They Say?

In general Norway's Fjords are some of the most spectacular and stunning fjords in the world. Without its fjords, Norway's coastline is around 2,500 kilometers or 1,600 miles. But if one was to stretch out the fjords that slice into the country, its coastline would stretch for a whopping 29,000 kilometers or 18,000 miles - more than half the distance around the world at the equator.

They have been created by massive glaciation that went below sea level and a process that happened over a period of 2.5 million years. In fact, the northern part of the country is detached from the rest of Norway by a fjord slicing its way all the way through Norway to Sweden. One needs to take a ferry to access the rest of Norway (or drive through Sweden).

  • Number of Fjords: Norway Has Around 1,200 Fjords
  • Fjord: A Norwegian Word Borrowed Into English (Often Spelled "Fiord" in English)

Around 10 of Norway's fjords are frequented regularly by cruise ships. Many of the most dramatic and famous fjords in Norway are just branches of the main fjord.

Some of Norway's most famous fjords include the Geirangerfjord, the Aurlandsfjord, the Nærøyfjord, the Lysefjord, the Romsdalsfjord, the Nordfjord, the Sognefjord, the Hardangerfjord, and the northerly narrow Trollfjord.

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Can You See The Northern Lights In Norway?

Yes in the northern part of the country one can see the Northern Lights. To see these go north into Nordland, Finmark, or somewhere to the north.

  • Best Time: Between Late September and Late Marth
  • Where: Northern Norway

Norway (along with fellow Nordic Sweden, Finland, and Iceland) is world-famous as being one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights.

Remember if one would like to visit Norway's fjords and go to the Arctic northernmost point of Nordkapp, then the best season is summer. During the summer in the northernmost extremes of the country, the sunlight never disappears and it is light all through the night. It is not possible to see the northern lights in these months.

To see the lights, come in the winter or later spring or early autumn. But the weather can be a little cold in these times if one would like to go hiking and camping as well.

Other FAQs About Norway:

  • Is Norway Part of The Schengen Zone?: Yes But It Is Not Part of The European Union
  • Does Norway Use The Euro?: No, Norway Uses The Norwegian krone
  • What is The Visa Policy of Norway?: Norway is Part of The Schengen Zone - so The Same As That (Americans and Canadians Can Visit Visa-Free for 3 Months)
  • Can I Camp Freely Anywhere In Norway?: Anyone Can Camp For Free On Any Uncultivated Land Without Asking The Landowner For Permission For 2 Nights - Must Be Open Country and Not Farmland, etc.
  • Do Norwegians Speak English?: The Language of Norway is Norwegian, but Almost Everyone in the Country is Perfectly Fluent In English As Well
  • Are There Viking Attractions There?: There are Many Museums and Viking Related Attractions For Visitors To Explore In Norway
  • How Much Time Do I Need In Norway?: Depends On What One Plans to Do. To See The Northern Lights And To Go Dog Sledding - A Few Days (but Allow for Bad Weather), To See The Country - Weeks
  • Is Norway Safe?: Norway Is Considered One of The Safest Countries In The World

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