Puerto Rico is known to be one of the most stunning islands on earth – thanks to its natural beauty, a culture full of life, UNESCO protected sites, and some of the world’s most enchanting islands with incredible beaches not to be missed. Whether going on a vacation with kids, enjoying a vibrant island trip, or having some romantic tropical getaway with a loved one, Puerto Rico is worth exploring and will never disappoint. You probably never knew these Puerto Rico’s Islands existed.

8 Culebra Island

Culebra is not just one of Puerto Rico's top beaches, it is among the best globally, and is full of flourishing colorful marine life, making it an ideal place for snorkeling. Culebra, as beautiful and peaceful as it sounds, holds plenty of natural spots and iconic locations to visit and explore. There are many activities to enjoy here other than snorkeling – swimming, sunbathing, fishing, scuba diving, among others. Flamenco Beach, one of the most stunning beaches on earth, is situated on Culebra Island. While Flamenco is the most popular, Culebra Island consists of various other spectacular remote beaches and other attractions with natural enchantress – and, of course, worth every penny one would spend.

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7 Vieques

Ever heard of Vieques? Well, located about 7 miles off Puerto Rico's east coast, Vieques holds a truly unmatched natural beauty. Hosting the world's best sparkling bay, the famous Mosquito Bay, Vieques is worthy of exploring. Visiting and exploring Puerto Rico's top offshore island allows travelers to experience the Caribbean’s largest natural wildlife refuge. There is so much to see and do here, including about 10 beaches of different sizes offering varying types of amenities.

6 Isla de Mona

Measuring about 11 km by 7 km, Isla de Mona is Puerto Rico's third-largest island. The island is situated 66 km west of Puerto Rico and has several beautiful attractions to experience. Its stunning caves, the lighthouse, and shipwreck sites are the most famous attractions, and every visitor deserves to explore them. To get there, travelers must take a 4-hour boat ride. Getting around this island can be challenging – only designed for adventurers. Travelers looking to camp can go camping on the island, which allows not more than 100 people at a time. Travelers must acquire a permit at least two weeks before visiting.

5 Monkey Island

In the 1930s, monkeys were captured from the different districts in India and brought to this island for a primate study and they have continued to thrive here ever since. Although travelers are not allowed to visit the island itself, they can rent a kayak and view this beautiful spot from the water. Not a Kayaker? Worry less – boat tours to explore the surrounding are available.

4 Gilligan’s Island

Gilligan's Island got its nickname after a popular tv show and is one of Puerto Rico's Islands one should definitely put on their bucket list. Located on Puerto Rico's southwest coast, just a mile off Guanaco’s coast, this island is one of the unspoiled hidden gems - worthy of exploring. The incredible view of the coastline and the beautiful colorful boats offer great photo opportunities to travelers.

3 Palomino Island

Resort lovers should definitely visit Palomino Island – offering opportunities for resort activities, including water sports, horse riding, and snorkeling – thanks to the island’s coral reefs and beautiful marine life. It is a perfect spot for a weekend getaway and has clear waters, incredible white sandy beaches, and a rocky coastline. Located on Puerto Rico's east side, this is the ultimate spot to achieve peace and relaxation. The Island is accessible via a ferry ride from San Juan harbor, which normally takes 8 minutes to get there.

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2 Coffin Island (Isla Caja Muertos)

Coffin Island is Puerto Rico's hidden gem located 13 kilometers off of the Ponce coast. Catamaran tours and ferry rides are available to take travelers to Coffin Island (Isla Caja Muertos). One can also opt for a private transfer to the island and experience its beautiful attractions. The island is parked with four stunning sandy beaches – Playa Larga, Pelicano, Coast Guard, and Carrucho. There is a dry forest, caves, rocky coast, marine plant life, mangrove swamps, beautiful coral reefs, and bird nestling spots to explore. There are no facilities offered to travelers, and one should pack hiking shoes, towels, bug repellent, a beach umbrella, a first aid kit, and sunglasses.

1 Desecheo

Located just about 13 miles from Puerto Rico’s west coast, Isla Desecheo is a beautiful uninhabited island with perfect opportunities for scuba diving. No traveler or local set their food on the island. The restrictions are put in place because of the unexploded military decree. Even though the island is not always open, people can still go swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. To reach the island waters, visitors can rent a private boat, which they must book beforehand. While snorkeling and diving are popular activities around this area, travelers are guided as this place is not considered a safe spot to wander alone. There are 20 diving sites put in place that are accessible to travelers. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Refuge manages Desecheo Island. Stepping foot on this protected island will have perpetrators arrested by officers of U.S. Federal law.