Despite having a population of nearly 40 million friendly and accommodating souls, Canada is a pretty cold country, with winter temperatures known to hover below minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reinforcing that stereotype is one entry in the Airbnb index, an igloo located in a backyard in the city of Calgary.

Snow & Ice Symbol

Igloos were first created by the Inuit centuries ago as a means for hunters to survive brutal winters. Now, except for outdoor winter festivals, Igloos have been a rarity in Canada for decades. But a snow and ice symbol that the rest of the world sees as symbolic of the harshness of Canadians winters is a tough image to shake.


Still, don't expect the amenities of cable TV, Wi-Fi or even furniture inside this homemade dome that's roughly nine feet tall. It's pretty barren in there, although you'll need to bring a tarp, sleeping bag, and pillows before you settle in at $15 a night.

Few Amenities

There's free parking, a nearby fire pit with free firewood, but little else. And since the residents in the house nearby probably wouldn't appreciate any yellow snow on the premises, guests are allowed to use the bathroom and kitchen inside.

“The purpose of putting the igloo on Airbnb is to share the experience of winter camping that we as a family enjoy,” reads this unusual online entry. “You get to experience it without being stuck in the backcountry for your first time and if you don’t like it you can head back to the safety and warmth of your home.”

Cold forecast

But don't expect any takers for much of January. Calgary, as well as several communities in Canada's province of Alberta, are expecting temperatures to dip below minus-30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meteorologists say that if the prediction is correct, some parts of Alberta may be the coldest areas on earth.