When it comes to travel, one of the most common barriers for would-be adventurers is the cost; but now WoW Air is helping those aiming for India with new, super-cheap flights. Air travel is becoming cheaper and cheaper in general, as airlines compete to see who can entice the most customers on board with increasingly lower fares - although those fares usually come with some hidden costs. Everything from meal services to entertainment to checked baggage is being charged separately in the fight to offer the lowest price, but travelers don’t mind, as long as they can get where they want to go without breaking the bank.


There are also an increasing number of airlines dedicated to budget travel, from long-standing carriers like EasyJet to brand new airlines like Swoop - and of course, Icelandic airline WoW Air. Operating since 2012, WoW offers cheap flights between Europe and North America, and is now expanding operations to fly from the US to India, with flights starting as low as $199!

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WoW will be flying to New Dehli as of December 5th, with introductory rates of $199 between January and March of 2019. US travelers can take advantage of flights departing from Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. (with slightly higher fares from St Louis and Pittsburgh).

While this rate might seem amazing, there is some fine print to the offer. All flights include a stop in Reykjavik (Iceland), where the airline is based. The ticket price also only allows travelers to bring one personal item on board - checked baggage and even carry on bags are going to cost extra, as will seat selection. It’s also worth remembering that this ticket price is one-way, and that the return flight isn’t $199, even with WoW Air.

This fine print means that travelers who are excited about ticking India off their bucket list for a couple hundred bucks are going to be disappointed - a round trip, including seat selection, a carry on, and a checked bag could cost more like $800… a significantly less impressive deal. However, that doesn’t mean that these tickets aren’t worth the price! For people who travel (extremely) light, don’t care where they sit, and aren’t looking to fly out and straight back home again, this is a great opportunity to get a really cheap fare. Backpackers who want to start a longer trip that meanders from India to South East Asia or Europe will certainly appreciate the one-way offer, and even those who are just inspired to take a winter break may find that the total (even if it is more than advertised) is still comparatively affordable.

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Source: WoW Air