There are a lot of interesting facts about the Bahamas. According to, one of those facts is the official name of that place. The official name of the country is the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Another fun fact is that the main language people speak there is English.

This area of the world is very beautiful, and that's why so many people visit the Bahamas. Many of the best sights to see in the Bahamas can be found in their all-inclusive resorts.

However, some of those resorts are a bit on the expensive side, and there are a number of them that have negative reviews, meaning that some people don’t think they are worth the cost. But there are also plenty of them that have received great reviews. Here are a few of them.


Hideways At Palm Bay Has A Great Staff

There are lots of places that don’t have great staff members. This is true for many businesses all around the world. Having awesome employees is very important for a business since that can help people decide whether or not they want to come back.

According to some of the reviews on, one all-inclusive resort that has some really good staff members is Hideaways at Palm Bay. The employees there are known for being friendly, and they pay lots of attention to the guests who stay there, which probably makes everyone’s experience at this place wonderful. Being at a place that has friendly staff members can make someone feel at home, even when they’re far from their actual home, and that’s something that the people here are good at.

Comfort Suites Paradise Island Is Great For People Who Have Children

Comfort Suites Paradise Island has a lot to offer the people who go there since there are a lot of really cool things that make it an awesome place to stay. But one of those things is the fact that this is a very nice resort that is fit for families.

According to reviews on, this is a really great spot for children to be. But just because there is a lot for kids to do does not necessarily mean that the resort lacks fun stuff for adults to do. They can spend some time relaxing in the sun, or swimming, which is always fun.

The guests there can also go horseback riding, which is something lots of people really seem to enjoy. Comfort Suites Paradise Island is the ideal resort for people looking for a family-friendly place in the Bahamas.

The Food Is Actually Pretty Good At Melia Nassau Beach – All Inclusive

Lots of people complain about the food at all-inclusive resorts. That means resorts that have great food really tend to stand out from the rest.

That is part of why Melia Nassau Beach – All Inclusive is such an awesome place. According to, guests can get some tasty meals when they are there. Food is hardly the biggest reason why someone might want to go to a place like this, but it can certainly make the trip more or less enjoyable, depending on whether or not it is good. Another fun fact is that guests have lots of different choices when it comes to places to eat at this resort.

There’s A Great Place To Get Coffee At Valentines Resort And Marina

There are lots of things that make Valentines Resort and Marina a great place to go to. Apparently, this is a great spot for people who really love to drink coffee. According to, this resort has a nice little coffee shop for guests to check out, and lots of people really seem to be enjoying it based on their reviews. The name of this place is The Cocoa Coffee House.

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One of the things that makes this place so great is that they offer food for people who have a Vegetarian diet. They also sell breakfast food as well.

The Staff Members At French Leave Resort Go Out Of Their Way To Help Guests When They Need It

When someone goes way out of their way to help a customer out, that makes the customer’s experience really good. According to a review someone left on, the employees that work at French Leave Resort care about their customers so much that they’re willing to help them find things they have lost.

During their stay there, someone accidentally left a very sentimental piece of jewelry behind. However, they didn’t have to part with it forever. The staff members at this place found it. Employees like that can make any place worth every penny it costs to go there.

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