Anything retro and vintage has undoubtedly be romanticized by society to be something to aspire to and bring back, which isn't a bad thing. Fashion, makeup trends, and even old-school hobbies are considered to add to one's sense of style and uniqueness nowadays rather than seeming old and out of touch. However, it's pretty certain that if you invite your friends over for a retro dinner, serving them something like an aspic or a 'roast' made from frankfurters is not going to gain you any points in the friend department.


However, meals such as these were very common during the mid-1900s, when ingredients were meant to be used and there wasn't much room for food waste, leading to much of an animal being used in one recipe rather than partially discarded. Additionally, the cheaper the ingredient, the more ways it could be stretched which often meant recipes that combined several different, cheap ingredients, into one weird science-type of creation. And, surprisingly, many of these creations made their way into magazines and onto recipe cards.

Jellied Veal Ring

This magazine spread was popular during 1945 when veal was trending and the main ingredient in many dishes, including those served for dinner parties. However, it was important to use it in as many ways as popular since the price of veal differed depending on the cut.

In response, a plethora of veal dishes were created including the jellied veal ring which, needless to say, may have been glamorous during the time but now anything with the word 'veal' and 'jellied' in the name is definitely a turn-off.

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Ham And Bananas Hollandaise

Believe it or not, this is still something that goes on today. It's a recipe that has since been revived as people's curiosity has gotten the best of them and really, can you blame them? With ham having a similar salt level to that of spam, it almost makes sense that bananas would be a good match with their sweetness... but the hollandaise is something that can't be fathomed.

This (very) salty dish might seem to work in theory but, in reality, it's one that falls just short of breakfast or lunch.

Spaghetti-O's And Wieners

This recipe might not be as vintage as the others but it's definitely retro. It's also a recipe that went around Reddit for some time as people debated both the bizarre combination as well as the combined flavor of the two.

The trick is using gelatin to get the Spaghetti-O's to hold (ew) and to use Vienna sausages rather than hot dogs (also ew). It was intended to be a dish for kids but we're pretty sure those Spaghetti-O's are meant to be served hot and sans sausages.

Lemon-Flavored Lamb's Brawn

This dish seems like it exudes a normal level of gross until you realize that brawn is actually head cheese. Therefore, this gelatin mold has a bunch of undesirable lamb parts in it, which are also combined with the super potent, acidic flavor of lemon.

In short, this is one recipe that everyone is probably thankful has been phased out. Not even the cherry tomatoes, lettuce leaves, and lemon slices can make it appealing.

Bologna Cake

Go figure that rather than just eating bologna on bread like the average person, someone decided to turn it into an actual layered cake. While this is certainly not the worst in terms of flavor combinations, it's a bit unclear what the ranch is doing in there.

Cream cheese is also a bit much for this lunch meat and the most disappointing part is expecting to bite down into something sweet and instead, tasting... bologna.

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Crown Roast Of Frankfurters

Most people probably feel like they're not sure whether to laugh or weep over this travesty that was committed to crown roasts around the world. It's true that frankfurters were, and still are, much cheaper than a rack of lamb or pork. With that being said, it doesn't mean a crown 'roast' should be made from them, though.

Does one squirt ketchup all over it? Does the middle need to be filled with stuffing, or should it be relish or potato salad, or some other type of hot dog-appropriate side? There are far too many questions and not nearly enough acceptable answers for this one.

Simple Supper Mold

If you're lost on what to do for dinner, why not try a simple supper mold? The recipe is pretty self-explanatory but in case anyone was confused: That's right, everything is cooked together (except the peas and gelatin) in boiling water before being ladled into a mold with the gelatin and peas to finish.

If you ever wanted all of your food groups in one convenient place with a healthy dose of gelatin, here it is.

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