Well, this isn't likely to go down well with The Mouse.

Club Med revealed a late-January study determining that Disneyland Paris is the world's worst theme park in terms of patrons getting value for their money. The report, which ranks 66 theme parks around the globe, pegged the amusement attraction's cellar-dwelling status on account of its "eye-watering" daily admission charge of $123.20 USD.

Universal Studios Florida the worst in the U.S.

Faring slightly better was Universal Studios Florida, which Club Med ranked as the worst theme park in the U.S. and second-worst overall. A daily pass to this Orlando-based park costs $120.20 US.


But for years Disneyland Paris has been in the crosshairs of travel critics claiming the park offered little to justify its exorbitant admission cost, with many calling it "most disappointing" and the "Not So Magic Kingdom."

It's still a top draw in Europe

While the Disney conglomerate has yet to respond to the Club Med study, the Paris attraction still holds the title of Europe's most visited amusement park. Figures from 2019 reveal that 9.84 million patrons passed through the turnstiles, up slightly from the 9.66 million the previous year, but considerably lower than the attendance record of 12.74 set in 2009, the year the attraction opened.

"The increase at Disneyland Paris was driven by higher average ticket prices and attendance growth," said the company in a quarterly statement released in November.

2 U.S. parks crack the top 5

Offering considerably more value to budget-conscious tourists were Club Med's top five entries, with Denmark's Tivoli Garden's on top, followed by Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix (the top U.S. entry), The Netherlands' Efteling, Italy's Leolandia and Fun Spot America.