The world is so vast and filled with so many things that a lifetime may not be enough to see. Since one may not be able to see all there is to see in this world, it's wise and beneficial to make the best use of one’s time and see the best things the world has to offer. While there are so many foods to eat and so many places to visit at least once in a lifetime, there are also some worldwide events that one must witness before one leaves this world. These are not just ordinary events that one can just ignore. Some of these events draw in millions of people to the places they are held and get the attention of the whole world. Like many other things happening in the world, one can turn on their TVs and watch it take place, but one does not always have to be a spectator to these great events. Make plans, save money, get up from the comfort of your home and attend these worldwide events around the world for the experience of a lifetime.

10 FIFA World Cup - The Most Widely Followed Sporting Event In The World

FIFA World Cup is an event all lovers of sport have to experience at least once in their lifetimes. The cheer, the tension, the excitement, the crowd, and the passion that can be seen in this event cannot be seen in any other event in the world. Even if you’re not a lover or a fan of football, the World Cup is an event that’s worth experiencing. The event is held every four years, and it brings every country in the world together, offering the opportunity to see superstar footballers playing for their countries.

  • Next Event Date: From November 20 - December 18, 2022, in the host country Qatar.
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9 Rio Carnival - The World’s Biggest Street Party

The Rio Carnival is a great event to attend for many reasons. Besides being the largest carnival in the world, this event presents some of the most entertaining displays of culture one can ever see in one place. With up to 2 million people flooding the streets every day during the carnival, it feels like mass migration, except it's not really a migration but just people from all over the world coming together to party in different cultures. With vibrant streets overwhelmed with samba music and filled with different types of people from all over the world, Rio Carnival can easily be the craziest and most exciting party a person has ever and probably will ever have in their lives (except they visit again and again).

  • Next Event Date: February 17th to Feb 23, 2023
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8 Songkran - The World’s Biggest Water Fight

Songkran - Thailand National New Year Holiday is marked by crowded streets filled with people shooting and splashing water at each other. According to the people, this water-splashing tradition is spiritual cleansing. Children, adults, and animals are welcome to participate in the water fights. Besides just the water fights, the event also features exciting parties and lots of traditional performances. Bangkok is, without doubt, the best place to witness the best of this event, but Pattaya and Chiang Mai also put up amazing events. In Songkran, you do not need to know anybody. If you've ever walked on the streets and just wanted to splash water on somebody, Songkran is the best opportunity you can get. Seriously no one needs to know anybody here. Just aim and shoot.

  • Next Event Date: April 13 - April 15, 2023

7 New York City Marathon - The World’s Biggest Marathon

The legendary run of Pheidippides - the Athenian messenger, did not only bring the message of the victory at the Battle of Marathon to the Athenians, but it also inspired the modern world to create the longest distance race now known to the world as the marathon. Today the New York City Marathon is the largest marathon event in the world as it hosts the most participants than any other marathon. It doesn’t matter if one likes racing or not. The New York City Marathon is a place for all, but it doesn’t hurt to register and participate in the 26.2 miles run anyway. It is exciting and an opportunity to get some exercise, plus no one’s going to arrest anyone for not finishing the race.

  • Next Event Date: November 6, 2022
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6 Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is an annual carnival that takes place before Lent. Since it’s a Christian holiday event, it is held in different countries of the world but New Orleans in the United States is perhaps the best place to witness this event which is why it is worth attending at least once. Often dubbed “the greatest free show on earth,” Mardis Gras New Orleans is an opportunity to witness the rich culture, delicious food, and melodious music of New Orleans, which is why it is worth visiting.

  • Next Event Date: February 21, 2023
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5 Vienna Christmas World - The World’s Largest Christmas Market

Christmas markets are not just solely for people who celebrate Christmas but for everybody. Even for those who are not big fans of Christmas markets, the Vienna Christmas World is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. To begin, it is the largest Christmas Market in the world as it is approximately 39,000 square meters large and draws in 2 million visitors annually. There are so many interesting things to enjoy in this market, from delicious treats to views of the famous tree of hearts. Ice skating, balls, classical music, and delicious hot cups of chocolate are more things to enjoy at this market which takes place in Rathausplatz Square.

  • Next Event Date: November 19 - December 26, 2022
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4 Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival - The World’s Largest Comedy Festival

Comedy clubs and events are held all over the world, but Just For Laughs Montreal presents a laughter experience that is worth traveling for. It is the largest international comedy festival in the world, drawing millions of visitors from all over the world to the streets of Montreal to laugh away their sorrows. Comedians and artists from all over the world.

  • Next Event Date: Not yet communicated but usually held in July.
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3 Oktoberfest - The World’s Largest Beer Festival

Oktoberfest is a thirst-quenching event worth attending every year or at least once in a lifetime. Being the largest beer festival in the world with up to 6 million annual visitors, this event is a great place to satisfy one’s thirst for beer. The event is usually held in Munich, Germany, and one is guaranteed not only a wide variety of cold beer but also entertaining games and delicious food that, of course, are typically consumed alongside massive glasses of cold beer.

  • Next Event Date: September 17 - October 3, 2022
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2 Holi

Holi is a Hindu festival of colors that celebrates the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil. The festival is celebrated uniquely, with lots of colors, food, drinks, and music. At the Holi festival, everybody is a potential canvas for painting. People come armed with different types of powdery colors to design each other from head to feet, and no one is too clean to get dirty. The festival is held across different Hindu countries of the world but the best Holi events can be found in its originating country - India. Vrindavan and Mathura are the best places to witness this event.

  • Next Event Date: March 8, 2023
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1 Yi Peng Lantern Festival Chiang Mai

Yi Peng Lantern Festival is an enchanting event held in Northern Thailand every year to mark the full moon, which comes around in November or the second day of the Thai Lanna Calendar. During the event, thousands of lanterns are lit and released into the sky to light it up. While the sight is beautiful in pictures, it is mesmerizing when seen live. Certainly, the princess in Tangled would probably have ditched the lantern festival in her Kingdom for the Chiang Mai Yi Peng Lantern Festival because such a picturesque moment is unique and worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

  • Next Event Date: November 8 and November 9, 2022