Are you planning your next big vacation? If so, you might be doing research on the most popular spots to visit around the world. From France to the United States to Morocco and beyond, there are countless hotspots for you to visit with friends, family, or even on a solitary trip.

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It's always a good idea to be prepared to travel to a foreign country that may have different customs or a different environment than you're used to. For instance, there are some countries extremely popular for tourists, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily the best place for a vacation.

10 China

China has an undeniable legacy and an incredibly long and rich cultural history. But as a place to go on a relaxing vacation, it may not be the best fit. For starters, China has problems with smog in the big cities. The skies overhead in places like Beijing may leave you with a headache. Additionally, with more than one billion people living in this country alone, there are simply too many people.

If you hate crowds or are somewhat claustrophobic, you might not want to travel here. Also, visiting China is expensive. Because of how popular tourism is, business owners know they can make a quick buck on just about everything. Your expenses will add up fast.

9 Mallorca

If you're looking forward to visiting a beautiful, picturesque place full of white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters, then Mallorca is absolutely the place you'll want to plan a trip, in theory. However, there is a downside to traveling to Mallorca. Due to its beauty, it has fallen victim to over-tourism.

As a hotspot for visitors, Mallorca is often overrun by tourists, typically young, college-age adults who go there to party. You may find your solace interrupted by loud teens and busy families all vying for the same plot of land in the sand. If you still want to go, try visiting in the off-season.

8 Iceland

If you're a beginner traveler then Iceland is not the right place for you to begin your expeditions. The country offers plenty of beauty, culture, jaw-dropping landscapes, and fresh, delicious, food, but there are some aspects to Iceland that make it difficult for first-timers.

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For starters, the landscape is difficult to traverse, there is lots of water, as in, much of the country is covered in water. You'll see plenty of waterfalls on your travels. But the hikes can be deadly if you don't know what you're doing and you don't want to get stuck somewhere in frigid temperatures. It's easy to get lost.

7 Switzerland

When you think about Switzerland you might think about there chocolate, clean air, mountain landscapes, and the cities that stay vibrant all-year-round. But what you might not realize is that traveling to Switzerland will cost you an arm and a leg if you intend on doing any of the regular things people do while traveling, such as shopping.

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. There are other places you can go that are just as stunning that aren't nearly as expensive. The cost of living in the area is astronomical because of how serene the area is.

6 Amsterdam

Amsterdam has become a capital of debauchery for many in other countries. Americans throng to the city because of the salacious red-light district and the freedom of marijuana. But locals don't appreciate their home being looked upon as nothing more than a party city and tourists can be regarded with annoyance while you visit.

Beyond that, the smell of marijuana is pretty strong. If you're not a fan, then it can become nauseating in certain parts of the city where it permeates the air. Also, pickpocketing is a big problem in Amsterdam and you have to avoid getting run down by the cyclists who have run of the land here.

5 Morocco

The country tops many people's lists of must-see places to go someday because of the beaches, surf spots, and Atlas mountains, unfortunately, Morocco isn't all it's cracked up to be. For starters, if you were hoping to walk around and see the city sights, you'll be limited by the fact many areas don't have clear-cut paths.

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Walking in the dirt and gravel can wear on you after a while and the area isn't entirely safe. You need to be extra cautious of people trying scam tourists and try not to make yourself stand out too much lest you become a target.

4 France

There is plenty to love about France. People romanticize the country and dream about their perfect Parisian getaway. Don't get us wrong, Paris, France, all of it is blossoming with culture, beauty, and delicious food. If you love cheese, gelato, macaroons, crepes, and beyond, you'll find them everywhere while you're taking a walking tour. But there are downsides to traveling here too.

For starters, because the Eiffel Tower, and Paris in general, are known tourist hotspots, they're also crawling with scam artists. Don't be surprised if you get people approaching you trying to sell you things, especially if you come off as a tourist. Speaking of, French people are really not fond of tourists. You can't blame them, considering over-tourism is a real problem here.

3 Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a good place to visit in that it's pretty cheap to get around. It is actually one of the cheapest countries in Europe to explore. However, that said, one of the biggest issues with Bulgaria is transportation. You won't be able to get around with ease as their trains and other methods of public transport are prone to having issues such as long delays and more.

You'll also want to ensure you're safe, as again, pickpocketing is a problem here, as it is in other areas that have a high amount of tourists. Anywhere where tourists throng to is going to have scam artists that take advantage.

2 United States

Despite being one of the world's superpower countries and one of the top-regarded places to live, there are plenty of reasons to avoid visiting the United States. To begin, depending on where you're going and what you want to do, you basically have to have a car to get around. You'll probably have to rent a vehicle and if you intend on visiting the big cities, you'll have to contend with atrocious traffic.

There are also tourist traps everywhere you turn so be careful on what you get sucked into and how you spend your money.

A recent travel advisory about the country was issued regarding safety. You'll need to be extra careful if you are planning to visit.

1 Austria

As one of the most beautiful places in the world, it can be hard to resist the natural allure of Austria. It is known for having low, almost nonexistent crime rates, and the mountains are more gorgeous than anything you could ever find in a photo. Witnessing them in person is a sight to behold.

But Austria has its downsides, such as a frequency of mountain accidents and avalanches which should be a warning to those who enjoy hiking. Also, there is a tick-borne disease epidemic you'll need to be cautious of if you're outdoors or walking through the woods here frequently. As for getting around, Austria is known for having complex driving laws. It may be more trouble, and more of a risk, than it's worth.

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