Imagine what one could do with $1 million in the piggy bank. One could buy a decent house or one could travel around the world for years. Alternatively, it would barely get one 10 nights in the world's most expensive resort in the Philippines.

At a hefty $100,000 (according to CNBC), Banwa Private Island is the most expensive island resort in the world (but not the most expensive accommodation - that's the $242,000 hotel submarine). Ever wondered what it's like to stay in a quarter-million dollar-a-night luxury hotel submarine? One can get a sneak peek.


Banwa Private Island & Accommodation

Banwa Private Island is a new resort and is located in the Philippines. The island occupies some 15 acres and is in the archipelago of Palawan. Getting there entails a two-hour helicopter or seaplane ride from the Philipino capital Manila.

  • Size: The Island Occupies 15 Acres
  • Transfers: Two-Hour Helicopter or Seaplane Ride From Manila

Here one can relax on white-sand beaches, plush villas, and luxury services one dare not dream about as one's wallet is drained dry.

On the idyllic island one will find six beachfront villas all equipped with a private infinity pool and Jacuzzi. The villas range from one to four bedrooms, altogether the island can accommodate up to 48 people. So split it 48 ways and pay "only" $2,084 a night!

  • Accommodates: Up to 48 People
  • Villas: Has 6 Beachfront Villas

The island has 12 garden rooms and a top-level presidential suite.

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Wining, Dining, and Luxury Services

The resort is (naturally) all-inclusive and has a full staff of chefs who cook with vegetables from the onsite organic farm and with fish caught in the surrounding Sulu Sea. But that's not all, according to CNBC, the resort even makes its own honey!

  • Local Produce: The Island Produces Its Own Vegetables, Honey, and Fish From The Surrounding Sea

With dining comes winning. And the wine list has bottles costing as much as $36,000 so that $100,000 has the potential to explode very quickly (premium wines are not included in the resort rate).

  • Wines: Cost Up to $36,000 A Bottle

What is included, is the concierge as well as unlimited spa treatments (so enjoy as many tropical island massages as one likes). Other included activities include the likes of jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, yoga, and tennis.

  • Included: Concierge & and Unlimited Spa Treatments
  • Activities: Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Sailing, Snorkeling, Yoga, Jet Skiing, and Tennis

An on-site marine specialist is also there to chat about the local wildlife including native Philippino animals like Hawksbill sea turtles and Tabon birds.

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The Expense of the Private Island and Cost Comparisons

Transfers are not included. So after renting the resort one will still need to fork out more just to get there. The prices start out at $990 one way for a nine-passenger seaplane and go up to as much as $11,580 for a round-trip on a five-passenger helicopter.

  • Helicopter: $11,580 For Round-Trip Fee

Oh and then there's the minimum stay of two nights like most hotels - expect it isn't a normal hotel. So the minimum stay is 3 to 5 nights depending on the time of the year.

  • Minimum Stay: 3 to 5 Nights
  • Minimum Charge: Over $300,000 or $500,000

Formerly the most expensive accommodation in the United States was the Mark Hotel Penthouse in NYC for $75,000. But now Banwa Private Island has met its match in the United States with a new Damien-Hirst-designed Empathy Suite at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas likewise costing $100,000.

Alternatively, if this sounds too pricey just get something cheap (sic) - like this $15,000-20,000 a night luxury underwater hotel in the Maldives.

Comparison of Hotel Expenses Around The World

  • $3 A Night: In Sheni Hostel - The Cheapest Hostel In Tbilisi, Georgia
  • $30 A Night: Dorm Bed in Hans Brinker Hotel - The Worst Hotel In The World
  • $15,000-20,000 A Night: The Muraka Underwater Hotel in the Maldives
  • $42,000 A Night: Musha Cay in The Bahamas (Owned by David Copperfield)
  • $75,000 A Night: Mark Hotel Penthouse in NYC (Formerly The Most Expensive in The USA)
  • $77,500 A Night: Richard Branson's Private Island Resort in The British Virgin Islands
  • $100,000 A Night: Banwa Private Island
  • $100,000 A Night: Empathy Suite at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas (Currently The Most Expensive In The United States
  • $242,000 A Night: A Hotel Submarine (the Most Expensive Hotel In The World)

If one was tempted to spend one's life savings on an island paradise one will need to wait. But as of the time of writing, they are closed due to a typhoon. They state on their website:

"With the aftermath of typhoon ‘Odette’ (‘Rai’) which caused only superficial damage to our island, the team at Banwa Private Island is currently busy preparing to welcome back guests very shortly."

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