In November, the Chicago area will open up the largest Starbucks location yet. It literally dwarfs the other locations that were at one time bigger.

Ringing in at staggering 43,000 square feet, the Chicago Reserve Roastery locations completely overshadows other Starbucks locations around the world, including a massive location in Tokyo, which previously held the title as the largest in the world.

Last week, the addictive and trendy coffee franchise announced specifics about the “world’s largest Starbucks” opening in Chicago on November 15 in what, at one time, was  Crate & Barrel store. According to reports by CNN, Chicago was a natural location for the franchise to open its largest doors yet, as the roots of the company in that area date back almost 32 years.


As such, the location will offer special-to-Chicago drinks inspired by the iconic city. Set to create specialty beverages for the new spot will be companies like Annie Beebe-Tron of Fat Rice, Julia Momose of Oriole and Kumiko, and Rachel Miller of Community Tavern, according to the Chicago Tribune. Other than that, details are a bit harder to come by.

Is This Starbucks Worth Making a Trip To?

While it doesn't open until November, for Starbucks lovers, it might be worth making a trip to the Magnificent Mile neighborhood after November to see what the location has to offer. Coffee drinkers will jump on almost any opportunity to get their caffeine fix and Starbucks regulars are a whole other kind of dedicated.

The store has been described as “an immersive experience dedicated to roasting and brewing small-batch Starbucks Reserve coffee from around the world.” But in reality, for most Starbucks drinkers, they were probably sold on visiting the location when the words largest and coffee location were used in the same sentence.

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