Corn mazes are part of autumn life for many people and they continue to be a tradition to this day. For those who live near farms, forging one's way through a six-foot-tall wall of corn just to find the way out is something exciting and festive. Mazes are the one thing that we get lost in intentionally just so that we can find our way back out.

While the thought is contradictory and even slightly bemusing, it's a whole other ballgame when it comes to a corn maze that spans a distance of acres. Even more so when that acreage slowly grows from 15 acres to 53. The biggest corn maze in the world is found in the U.S., specifically in Dixon, California. And those who have made their way through the claim that it's no joke - but it is a ton of fun for anyone who enjoys a thrill.


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Cool Patch Pumpkins, The Largest Corn Maze In The World

The farm, owned by Cooley brothers Matt and Mark, has been open since 1999 when it began as a modest pumpkin production. After growing and selling pumpkins from their patch, it became clear that pumpkins alone would not guide the brothers into financial stability, thus the need for other attractions at the farm arose. What began as a small business venture between Matt and his children selling pumpkins out of his field was destined to become something much more. Four years later, the idea came about to create a corn maze that would bring in more business and, hopefully, more people to the farm for longer periods of time. The maze hit its largest size in 2013 with the addition of an extra 13 acres and has only continued to sport one of the largest acreages of any maze in the country, let alone in the world.

According to Atlas Obscura, the Cooley brothers continued to hand-cut every maze design from then on. Each year, more acreage was added and today, there's little chance of visitors making it through the maze without at least a couple of hours dedicated to scouting out routes. Not only that, but the maze has a permanent place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest corn maze in the world - breaking a record that was unbeknownst to many to have even existed.

Visiting The World's Largest Corn Maze

According to the corn maze website, the Cooley family prides themselves "on faith, family, and fun, all of which you will find here at Cool Patch," and is " excited to continue to provide a place where friends and family can come to celebrate fall and kick off the holiday season." As it turns out, that's exactly what has happened and continues to happen, as each year brings with it the promise of crowds from all over the country trying to make their way through a carefully curated maze. This year, the 2021 maze has been dedicated to the United States Military, with the theme of 'All Gave Some, Some Gave All.'

  • Admission: $18/person, free for children five and under
  • Hours: Daily 9 AM - 8 PM
  • Opening Dates: September 25th to October 31st
  • Address: 6150 Dixon Ave West, Dixon, CA

Additional Things To Do At Cool Patch Pumpkins

While the corn maze is the main attraction for most visitors to the farm, it's certainly not the only way to pass the time there. The pumpkin patch is another allure, especially around Halloween. Picking pumpkins is a favorite fall tradition of many and there's no shortage of the perfect Jack 'o Lantern candidate in this patch. For those who are visiting with young children, there's also a second, smaller maze for families, and tickets for that can be purchased as well as tickets for the hayride and pedal car tour of the farm. On weekends, the concession stand serves up farm classics and it's open from Friday evening to Sunday. The coffee cart also offers beverages and dessert and is also open from Friday evening through Saturday and Sunday.

Cool Patch Pumpkins also hosts a variety of events throughout the year and this fall, the farm is playing host to their own Scarecrow Fields. The Fields are part of a partnership with Kristina Wiley DDS in support of local first responders and their vital role in the community. Local businesses helped with this perfect autumn event, as well, so it's something visitors should check out during their visit. Tickets for the farm's attractions are available on-site, and those eager to work their way through the world's largest maze should be sure to get there early, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat if it's sunny, and prepare for several hours on the farm.

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