Not only are holidays to space a lot closer than you might realize, but the very first hotel beyond our atmosphere could be open for business just six years from now.

We often hear people comment on how small our world is. If we bump into someone in an unlikely place, or we discover that traveling to the other side of the planet doesn't take as long as we thought it would. It's fast and convenient travel that has made us believe our planet is pretty tiny. In actuality, its a pretty big place, and none of us will see every last inch of it.


Nevertheless, some people are looking to venture beyond our humble blue planet. Not just in the name of science and discovery, but also for vacation purposes. It seems that the race to get astronauts into space has died down, and now the race is on to get tourists up into the great beyond. Elon Musk's SpaceX plans on taking people into space by the end of 2020.

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Now the question is, where are they taking them? Well, nowhere, literally. The trips will simply be made for the thrill of going to space and then getting to brag about it. However, as early as 2025, the space tourist's destination could be a space hotel. More specifically, the Von Braun Rotating Space Station. Dezeen reports that it is due to be completed by 2025 and it has already been dubbed the very first space hotel.

The plan is for the hotel to effectively be a fancier version of the International Space Station. Drinking water will be transported to the hotel from Earth, and the hope is that it will house as many as 100 guests per week. Those guests will be able to experience varying degrees of gravity and even be able to play basketball on a court with a sixth of the gravity they are accustomed to on Earth.

The hotel will also boast the best views in the entire Solar System. Guests will be able to kick back and look down on the planet from which they traveled up from. The senior design architect behind the project, Tim Alatorre admits that the hotel's first guests will have to pay a lot of money to spend time the Von Braun Rotating Space Station. However, he hopes that once the initial hype has died down, it will become a feasible holiday destination for a much larger chunk of holiday goers.

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