For those adrenaline junkies out there, the new Velocity 2 zipline attraction will get you your kicks as you hurtle towards Terra Firma at the speed of a bullet train from as high as 500 feet off the ground.

You'd have to venture down to Zip World in North Wales to strap yourself into this speedy amusement that's part elevator to hell, part meteorite, and part insanity. In terms of ziplines, or zipwires, go, it's the fastest ride of its kind, with patrons hanging from a single wire hurtling across the sky at a speed as high as 125 mph, eclipsing the previous Velocity installation, which was 7 mph slower when its own top speed was recorded back in 2013. We're talking skydiving velocity here, folks.


It's apparently quite safe. After researching the extent of fatalities and injuries associated with zip line mishaps, the only report that surfaced as far as Wales was concerned took place in 2011. That was when an 11-year-old boy died on a zipline dubbed the Swampflier, after falling out of his harness, made of rope, lanyards and some electrical tape. The death resulted in the immediate and permanent shutdown of the attraction, located in Greenwood Forest Park, Wales.

At Zip World, passengers on that wonky wire are tethered onto the trolley, the part that rides the wire, with durable straps that can be adjusted for comfort and safety. The company also has other custom-made features designed for accessibility and speed.  Zip World staff, who pride themselves in their part to cite Wales as Europe's adventure capital, are so confident of the thrills and safeguards the ride offers, the company has even doubled the zipline's capacity to four patrons that can simultaneously head down the wire.

While the travel distance of Velocity 2 is roughly a mile, the rush is so intense, it's not likely adventurous folks taking advantage of the 20-degree decline would have any moments to enjoy the quarry lake over which they, uhh... fly. But Zip World does offer a relatively more relaxing experience on a smaller version of Velocity 2, namely the Little Zipper, a ride that's slightly longer than a quarter-mile and boasts a top speed of around 50 mph.