'World's Best Job' Contest Could Win You A Career Staying At Luxury Mexican Resorts

If staying in luxury beach resorts for free and being paid a six-figure salary to do so sounds good, then we might have just the job for you.

While there are a lucky few of us who enjoy our jobs and getting up in the morning isn't a painful experience that we face every single day, for the great majority working is a necessity. A way to earn money and make ends meet, sometimes doing something completely different from what we paid thousands and trained for years to do.

The only respite we get from our daily grind is the once or twice a year we get to go on holiday. To drive or jet away for a week or two and get away from it all. Yes, we have to work in order to pay for that well-earned time off, but it's worth it. Well, what if we told you that there's a job out there that is a holiday? Don't worry, we're not trying to sell you a timeshare.


As reported by NBC, there's a company willing to pay one person a staggering $120,000 a year just to visit luxury beach resorts in Mexico for absolutely nothing at all. It has been branded by Vidanta, the company running the competition that owns the chain of resorts, as the "World's Best Job" campaign, and it's already easy to see why it has earned that moniker.

via Vidanta

One lucky employee will be flown to Mexico, again on Vidanta's dime, and take in all that the resorts have to offer. In return, the luckiest employee in the world will need to take photos and videos of their experiences, whether that be relaxing by the pool or eating the finest food. Vidanta also wants the winner to go out and explore some of Mexico's top tourist attractions. If we win, we're sure we could manage that.

Before getting to work, the winning employee will need to undergo extensive training that will apparently set them up for their entire careers. From there they will work with Vidanta's marketing team to track trends and create apt social media posts in relation to the resort. If this all sounds like just your cup of tea then you can apply by clicking here. The deadline for applications is 11:50 pm CDT on October 21, 2018, and the job starts in December. Good luck!


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