Go ahead, find us a more satisfying feeling than grabbing a juicy burger with both hands and diving in for a first bite while the secret sauce drips down your arm. Tough, right? Well, move over, chicken wings and pizza, because the North American staple that's spread across the world like wildfire is, of course, the burger.

You'll be seriously hard-pressed to find a single diner, pub, restaurant, or bar across the USA that doesn't serve at least some kind of burger. Restaurants and burger joints not only across the nation but worldwide fight over the title of the world's best burger and are constantly trying to outdo one another, sometimes with fancy additions and sometimes by perfecting the simplicities.

Updated by Gabriel Kirellos, December 5th, 2021: Burgers are among the tastiest fast food that one can savor. However, some restaurants offer the world's most delicious burgers, which earned them a spot on this list. We have updated the article to reflect some additional eateries that offer some of the world's tastiest burgers, such as the Emmy Burger at New York's Emily and the Ari Gold at Patty & Bun.

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12 Bleecker Black Burger @ Bleecker

Burger lovers will find this juicy plate of goodness over at Bleecker in London, aptly named after the owner Zan Kaufman's favorite street in Manhattan. The restaurant has received the outstanding accolade of the city's best burger not once but twice, voted by Time Out London.

The owner was inspired by a burger she tasted when in New York, so decided to drop everything, move all the way across the pond and open up her own burger joint - and the determination and care really shine in the burgers, particularly the notorious Bleecker Black. No need for cutlery here. It's all about getting down and dirty with your burger mistress.

11 The Burger @ Raoul's

Nestled on Prince St in Soho, Lower Manhattan, New York, Raoul's offers a unique Parisian atmosphere with one of the world's most devourable burgers. Raoul's needs to limit their burger production with such a respected reputation. Otherwise, they'd never be able to meet the demand - the restaurant only makes 12 burgers a night, so samplings are competitive.

The seared patty on "The Burger' is heavy with brisket and sprinkled with peppercorns and salt, much like your classic peppered steak. It's served with sliced red onions, cornichons, and peppery greens, all on a challah roll, alongside a delectable cream-and-cognac au Poivre sauce like no other.

10 The Jackie-O @ Fat Bobs Bar & Grill

For the next leg of our juicy burger journey around the world, we're heading all the way to the Land Down Under, specifically the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. In the industrial Moorabbin area, burger enthusiasts are shocked to find one of the country's best nestled in a place you wouldn't ordinarily expect. The aesthetic takes inspiration from the classic 1950s American diners, lined with neon and old-school signage.

Its go-to burger, the Jackie-O, comprises 180 grams of succulent beef pattie, plus your classic garnishes: tomato, fontina cheese, red onion, lettuce, mustard, and a dollop of Fat Bob's magic sauce.

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9 American Burger @ Gordon Ramsay Burger

When you've got a name like Mr. Gordon Ramsay tied to the restaurant, customers walk in with only the highest expectations. And boy, does this Las Vegas establishment deliver on those expectations. It's the great chef's third restaurant in Vegas, and it is wildly popular amongst visitors, particularly those staying at Planet Hollywood. In September of 2016, Gordon Ramsay Burger clocked up two million burger sales, and the number has only continued to grow since then, so its popularity speaks for itself.

This locale stands above the rest because of open-flame cooked prime cuts and the dunking in Devonshire butter.

8 The Burger @ Dirty Bones

With six ounces of aged beef alongside black treacle bacon, gooey gorgonzola sauce, pickled jalapeños, baby spinach, and a slathering of garlic aioli, 'The Burger' at Dirty Bones in Kensington, London is sure to satisfy burger enthusiasts, be them from the area or from afar. It's constantly rated amongst the most amazing burgers, citywide and across the continent.

The locale serves us various New York comfort food and cocktails, but the burgers are where it truly shines. Aside from its signature burger, the chefs have also conjured up burgers smeared with Welsh rarebit and well Cheeseburger Dumplings.

7 The Ozersky Burger

When you've been rated as the best burger in Dallas, a city with a booming foodie scene, then you know you've done something rather extraordinary. That's precisely the case with The Ozersky Burger at Knife Dallas, named after burger aficionado Josh Ozersky (who preferred his meals very simplistic).

There's nothing too fancy and unique about the Ozersky. It's just a basic burger served up perfectly. The 44 Farms beef is clean, the red onions are sliced to just the right level on thinness, and the pickles give it the overall balance to make it an absolute ten out of ten for execution.

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6 The Smokey Burger @ Burger Liquor

Yes, everything's bigger in Texas, but for our next stop, we're heading down to Wellington, New Zealand, where, apparently, everything's more delicious. Over at Burger Liquor, the owners wanted to dish up top-of-the-range burgers and drinks without customers having to wait half an hour, and they've executed their vision to perfection.

The Smokey Burger, its frontrunner meal, is served with an A-grade patty, topped with streaky and delicious free-range bacon, double-crumbed onion rings, a special Thai sauce, and a brioche bun. It's become a hit with locals. However, it is mostly yet to be discovered by international, though it's only a matter of time.

5 The Butchers Club Burger @ The Butchers Club

It might come as a bit of a surprise to find one of the world's best burgers (a dish which is typically American) in an Asian locale, however, when we consider the number of internationals in the city, as well as the fact that its executive chef is from Canada, it starts to make a little more sense. He even said himself that "hamburgers are something you grow up eating in North America," and he's brought that tradition and excellence to Hong Kong.

Over in Tin Wan, The Butchers Club's specialty burger comprises dry-aged Angus beef burger with maple-glazed bacon, aged cheddar, and caramelized onion burger sauce. Yum.

4 FleurBurger @ Fleur

Arguably, a quick burger feed at Shake Shack or In-N-Out will do the trick, and with a bill of under $10, it's hard to say no. Over at the Fleur restaurant in Las Vegas, however, $10 won't even get you a napkin. The FleurBurger, which is considered one of the world's best burgers, and definitely of the most expensive, comes in at a whopping $5,000 price tag.

Is it worth that extraordinary amount? Well, most people seem to think so. The dish comes together as an amalgamation of foie gras, plenty of truffles, the highest quality Kobe beef and is served alongside a rare bottle of Petrus.

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3 Big Mac @ McDonald’s

Call us crazy, but how can we possibly leave out a burger that sells 550 million times each year in America alone? That means that every second, there are 17 people across the country stuffing their faces with the McDonald's icon. It might not be topped with exotic truffles served alongside a sparkly bottle of rear 1950s Champagne, but it sells. And with those kinds of astronomical numbers, it must be doing something right.

It's layers of meat and bread, plus shredded lettuce, pickles, and McDonald's special Big Mac sauce, all served on a sesame bun - and apparently, the world can't get enough of it.

2 The Emmy Burger @ Emily

Emily in New York is a restaurant that serves only one burger, the Emmy Burger. However, limited amounts of it are sold every day, and the meal costs USD 26 with the fries. Moreover, the Emmy Burger is made with a toasted pretzel bun bought from the Tom Cat bakery, 1-year aged Grafton cheddar, 1-month dry-aged beef from Pat LaFrieda, pickles, onions, and the delicious Emmy sauce. Tasting the Emmy Burger feels like heaven, and this meal deserves an advanced spot among the world's best burgers.

1 Ari Gold @ Patty & Bun

Patty & Bun is a burger restaurant based in London, England. The chain also expanded into several other locations inside the UK, thanks to the uniquely delicious burgers they serve. Moreover, the restaurant uses golden brown brioche bread mixed with yummy meats that are sure to satisfy everyone's burger cravings. The Ari Gold is one original creation that Patty & Bun came up with and other imaginative specials, such as the Smokey Robinson. When visiting Patty & Bun, people should also try the restaurant's unique sides, mainly its yummy rosemary salted fries.

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