Do you often catch yourself lost in thought about your lovely childhood? It truly feels like a million years ago, doesn't it? Well, we've got a little surprise for you today. Take a deep breath before we send you on a trip down memory lane to cherish the good old days when you used to climb up and down the treehouse in the backyard. Whether it's set up on stilts, twisted among the branches or wrapped around a conifer, the idea of building a treehouse is always quite exciting. Well, those days might be long gone but what if we told you that you could actually stay at a real-life treehouse hotel this summer? It's such a daring thought, isn't it?

Unlike the basic treehouse we all remember from our childhood, some of the following lodges really smell like luxury. With sweeping views of the tranquil woodland or rolling seas with pearlescent sands, today's treehouses will certainly make you feel like royalty. Add adventure playgrounds to the list, and you'll surely have one heck of a summer holiday in the company of your beloved family and friends. From rustic treehouses to design-forward dens, below are 25 of the best-looking treehouses scattered across the world.

25 Catch The Sunset At The Palms - Negril, Jamaica

Admittedly, staying in a treehouse lodge can really be such an adventure-packed experience, especially if you go for the more luxurious option. Just imagine waking up to the stunning view of the rainforest - it does sound quite surreal, doesn't it? Then how about making this dream come true? Grab your backpack as well as your travel essentials, and get ready to explore the tropical world of Negril Jamaica. This all-inclusive treehouse-inspired resort is heavily packed with all the luxury you need. Not only is this place wrapped in opulence, but it features tall ceilings, satellite TV, private porch, and a gorgeous garden with no clear end in sight. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

24 The Mohicans - Glenmont, Ohio

Get closer to nature, or become one with it at this beautiful location in Ohio. As charming as it is, this treehouse lodge truly looks as though it's been taken straight out of a romantic movie. From the wilderness of Africa to the modern world of Ohio, this treehouse makes for the perfect "re-tree -t". Designed by Pete Nelson, who's known to host celebs, like Matthew McConaughey, this Ohio-based property boasts six treehouse options, ranging from cozy rooms to two-bedroom lofts for couples.

23 The Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses -  Kaikoura, New Zealand

Already tired of the typical hotel deals for the summer? Then how about adding a touch of excitement to your summertime adventure?

This stunning house, situated on a deer-breeding farm, comes with five treehouse accommodations alongside cozy lodge rooms and a 3-bedroom house. Here, visitors can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and modern furnishings built by local woodworkers. Inside of each charming treehouse, which sits above a lush Kanuka grove, guests will find large windows with marvelous views of the endless Pacific Ocean.

22 Lakeside Treehouse - Aurora, New York

Located in the Finger Lakes region of New York, this cute little house is the dream of all nature-lovers for sure. This well-hidden gem is actually pet-friendly and it sure offers quite an amazing summer weekend. So, go ahead, book a cottage with a cozy treehouse, and make your partner feel special and loved. This charming place is set on the Cayuga Lake and is packed with modern amenities while its small private deck is the perfect spot to catch spectacular sunset views. Here, visitors may borrow a kayak to explore the beautiful Cayuga Lake as well.

21 Lions Sands Game Reserve - Kruger National Park, South Africa

If you're hungry for wild African adventures, then do not leave this open-air treehouse neglected. Once you've arrived here, you'll feel as if you've been placed right into a bushy South African maze. For those seeking off-the-grid adventures, Lion Sands' treehouses will do just fine. Positioned above the ground, all of these houses guarantee a safe vacation although visitors may occasionally hear the powerful roar of a lion as well. But after all, you haven't come all this way only to relax in your room, have you? Indeed, Lion Sands's treehouses are idyllic for action-packed summer adventures.

20 Sanctuary Baines' Camp - Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

Now that we're still on South African soil, we simply cannot go further without mentioning this marvelous treehouse, aptly named Sanctuary Baines's Camp. This unique camp sits atop raised platforms nearby the local Boro River & Moremi Game Reserve. For the most part, Sanctuary Baines' Camp's structures were, in fact, built from recycled cans, and the property's lavish suites come with wooden decks where visitors can enjoy an under-the-stars experience every night.

On top of that, visitors can actually have their brunch in the company of elephants or partake in game drives and walking safari tours.

19 Primland - Meadows of Dan, Virginia

Explore Virginia's Ridge Mountains by staying at Primland's lavish treehouses. Its adults-only cabins feature cozy bedrooms and baths while visitors may enjoy splendid views of Virginia's Ridge Mountains. For instance, Primland is quite famous for its custom-made Golden Eagle treehouse, designed and built in France. Although Golden Eagle is, hands down, one of Primland's most spectacular treetop houses, the other lodges are also excellent choices for romantic couples or nature lovers. Once you get out of your cozy cabin, you can enjoy horseback riding, golfing, sports shooting or fly-fishing as well.

18 Great Huts Resort - Port Antonio, Jamaica

Forget about the ordinary vacation and take the road less traveled to Jamaica. Dip into its exotic character while vacationing at this lovely eco-resort.

Nestled on cliffs within a lush Jamaican jungle, this unusual resort provides modern huts sharing the typical African style. Once you've arrived here at the Great Huts Resort, you can choose from aptly named huts and treehouses, including the Amond Tree House, Fig Tree House or Bamboo Tree House. Each of them is, of course, an excellent choice; however, the so-called Fig Tree House that offers a canoe-shaped bathtub is just beyond any comparison.

17 Winvian Farm - Morris, Connecticut

What better way to feel nature than with a stay at Winvian Farm in Morris? This lavish 113-acre resort, located in the Litchfield Hills area, provides an unforgettable vacation at a two-story treehouse. The luxury treehouse also offers additional facilities, including a farm-to-table restaurant, a 5,000-square-foot spa, full bar, gas fireplaces, steam shower, and Jacuzzi. The second floor of the resort features a spacious living area, while seasonal outdoor opportunities await the adventurous guests as well. Apart from its modern amenities, this two-story treehouse is just fantastic for a quiet, and super relaxing weekend.

16 Playa Viva - Juluchuca, Mexico

Situated about 6 feet above the ground, this charming treehouse at Playa Viva makes one hell of a choice for a lovely and budget-friendly vacation. Here, at Playa Viva, Mexico, you can take advantage of the lounge area that comes with a hammock built into the floor, while the private bathroom is just down the stairs. This charming Mexican treehouse is also a yoga resort that enjoys great popularity in the southwestern parts of Mexico. All meals, drinks and daily yoga sessions are covered in your nightly rate. When the sun goes down, don't forget to explore Julunchuca's private beach and unique turtle sanctuary as well.

15 Historic Banning Mills - Banning, Georgia

A lovely escape about 50 miles southwest of Atlanta, Banning Mills' bed-and-breakfast features numerous treetop retreats with jetted tubs, gas fireplaces and decks scattered across its property. All in all, this charming property features modern amenities, so all guests can finally make themselves at home. Also, Banning Mills' treehouse rates cover daily complimentary breakfast and on-site facilities, part of which are the beautiful 80-plus acres of nature trails, seasonal swimming pool, miniature golf course, a billiards room, sports courts and more.

14 KA BRU Forest - Itacaré, Brazil

Located about 155 miles southwest of Salvador, you'll absolutely have a front-row seat to the Atlantic Rainforest. This cute little treehouse is packed with an open floor plan with indoor-outdoor living, a private pool, yoga deck as well as a modern kitchen. Originally, Ka Bru's structure was built from old demolition woods, but the property has since been fully modernized to meet the needs and requirements of its guests. Also, the property provides many fun outdoor opportunities, such as kayaking, surfing, and hiking.

13 Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica - Puerto Maldonado, Peru

If you've ever thought of visiting Peru, then the right time has finally arrived.  This lovely resort, nestled deep into the tropical lands of Peru, cannot wait to greet its adventurers in its cute treehouse, easily accessed from the property's Canopy Walkway. Apart from the treehouse, which is quite exceptional anyway, the Walkway itself is also a beautiful sight to see, as it measures over 1,000 feet long. Inkaterra Reserva's treehouse sits about 70 feet above the forest floor, and so does the walkway. Here, the wildlife abounds, so grab the binoculars and enjoy your vacation at Reserva Amazonica's treehouse.

12 Soneva Kiri - Koh Kood, Thailand

Situated on a stunning yet lesser-known island in Thailand, this unique place piques the traveler's attention with its unusual tree pod dining opportunity. The 2-hour service goes like this: guests are hoisted to the treetops where they can taste gourmet cuisine while contemplating the spectacular views of the ocean. By the way, this impressive tree pod dining is, in fact, available for breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. This special service continues for about two hours as the servers travel between the trees by using a zip line. How amazing!

11 Doe Bay Resort & Retreat - Olga, Washington

Get ready to be mind-blown by another stunning treehouse that even offers wraparound decks with water vistas. But note that you can only reach this unique treehouse by ladder. This lovely 38-acre Doe Bay Resort & Retreat was explicitly designed and built for DIY Network's tv show. Located on Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, Washington, the so-called TreeHouse Guys comes with well-equipped rooms, queen-size beds, spacious sitting area, bathroom with modern sink and toilet, and other mini extras. Visitors can also choose from partaking in fun activities, such as kayaking trips and yoga classes.

10 Dominican Tree House Village - Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic

This tree house village is not only a great place to take your loved ones to, but it also supports the area communities by using local materials and labor. As cozy as it seems to be, this tropical Tree House Village can be found in a breezy valley in the Samana Peninsula. Here, adventurers can choose from various types of treehouses. For instance, if you're a coffee-lover, the modern Coffee Tree Family treehouse will certainly suit needs yours; it comes with a queen-size bed and a bunk bed for children.

9 Tree-Casa Resort - San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

If canopy suits, queen-sized beds or modern kitchens don't fit the bill for you, then we totally recommend that you stay at this marvelous two-story Casa Arbol treehouse. For those looking for luxurious travel deals, this lush resort will surely meet your requirements. This 450-acre resort sits proudly on Nicaragua's Emerald Coast will make you forget about the world around you. This surreal treehouse boasts super modern kitchenette, bright living area alongside a master bedroom with a picturesque balcony.

8 Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve Canopy Village -  Neltume, Chile

Take a walk on the wild side and wind up at the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve in Chilean Patagonia. Here, guests can choose from two Canopy Village shelters, each elevated over 15 ft above the ground. Whichever option you pick, you'll be impressed to find a comfy camper bed, a stove/radiator, along with large windows promising spectacular rainforest vistas. Overall, the area is quite famous for its adventurous activities, including trekking, biking, hiking, and rafting. No wonder why this lovely destination is often preferred by tourist groups.

7 Miramichi Treehouse & Camping Adventures - Miramichi, New Brunswick

Located in Miramichi, New Brunswick, this 200-acre campsite by Canada's Black River, features an outdoor pool, well-maintained nature trails, a playground for the kids, as well as a total of twelve treehouses, ranging in cool amenities. Most of them offer smaller decks while picnic tables and fire pits are thought as bonuses. On the bright side, though, all of them come with mini-fridges and electricity, and that's a great advantage over many other treehouse properties (which don't have it). Indeed, this tiny detail definitely makes for a more deluxe family experience that's definitely worth it.

6 Acre Baja - San José

How about staying at a mini boutique hotel in the trees? Well, this is not a joke - this place is real and is located less than 25 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas at Acre Baja. If you've ever wondered what a mini boutique treehouse hotel looks like, then now you know. This beautiful treehouse was built by Mexican artisans, so its walls were entirely made from trees. Here, at the Cabo Sa Lucas, guests can enjoy in-room perks, such as private bathrooms, a mega huge patio, king-size beds, and high-speed internet access. The nightly rate also covers breakfast, morning yoga classes with access to the gardens and the pool.