A World Heritage Site is a place designated by UNESCO that must be preserved due to its value to humanity. These could be natural or manmade attractions that they feel would be against our best interests as a race to destroy. When a site is given this designation, it receives more funding and support to help preserve the significance it has on society.

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We've compiled a list of different sites that will probably have the biggest impact on you. They will change your view and perception of the world as you begin to understand new concepts and ways of thinking. Keep reading to learn about 10 World Heritage Sites that will change your perspective!

9 10. Meteora Monasteries, Greece

These are monasteries set high in sandstone peaks amongst the Greek Landscape. It was built back in the 14th and 15th centuries and serves as a pinnacle moment in the field of monastic construction. There are a total of 6 monasteries still in use today that is nearly inaccessible as the monks originally used ladders to make the climb.

Today, they've added steps in order to give visitors access to these places. When you visit this place, it will give you a greater understanding of perseverance as you gaze upon the amazing work that was created centuries ago.

8 9. Terracotta Army, China

These clay warriors were unearthed and they were created at the demand of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. He wanted them to stand guard in his extravagant mausoleum so he could be protected when he finally made it to the afterlife. The site was ultimately unfinished by the time this ruler died, but we are still left with the remnants of these soldiers.

This was found back in 1974 and thousands of soldiers were uncovered in four different pits. This site will open your eyes to different cultures and religions, as well as the proficiency and meaning of art. These soldiers were not only meant to protect him, but the workmanship put into them was a feat all its own.

7 8. Bam, Iran

This city can be traced all the way back to the 6th century B.C., but it didn't thrive until the 7th century. It was an epicenter for trade as fine silks and cotton passed through its gates. They were an advanced civilization with canals and irrigation systems that utilized mud-layering to build its impressive landscape.

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It's a jewel in the middle of the desert that is one of the greatest examples of a medieval settlement. It will give you insight into how societies were formed and created by using the world around them. You will gain a new understanding and connection to humanity's roots as you walk through the city streets and admire the work of art around you.

6 7. Machu Picchu, Peru

The Inca Empire created some incredible things, but Machu Picchu was its crowning jewel. It is located up in the Andes Mountains and built back in the 15th century. It was abandoned when the Spaniards came and conquered them, but before then, the society that lived here flourished.

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They utilized the natural world around them to stay hidden and self-sustaining as they built agricultural terraces and irrigation systems. When you step foot in this place you will realize what an incredible thing it is to be human. You can only imagine the labor they had to perform and the hardships they experienced as they paved the way for our life today.

5 5. Rapa Nui National Park, Chile

This is more famously known as Easter Island, and there is a collection of shrines that were built by a strange society. They were created between the 10th and 16th centuries and these statues dot the landscape in a way that captivates everyone who visits here. They supposedly represent their ancestors and they all vary in size and form.

The society eventually endured an ecological crisis as there were too many people and too few resources. They might have abandoned making these statues, but today they represent a change of perspective. It took one event to have them abandoning their traditions, and it will allow you to see the light as you make changes in your own life.

4 4. Stonehenge, England

This is a group of megaliths that are an ode to prehistoric times. These structures date back to the Neolithic and Bronze ages and it is believed they represent a place for ceremonies to commemorate the dead. There are burial mounds nearby where the dead lay in sophisticated tombs for the area.

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It is even guessed they might be connected to astronomy in some way, but no matter, it is still impressive they were able to create such large structures. The types of stone they used and the way they were shaped showcase a natural untapped intelligence that makes us wonder how much more we are capable of with the creation of technology.

3 3. Bagan, Myanmar

The Buddhists have a foothold in this place as they created exceptional pieces of art and architecture. These were created back during the peak of the Bagan civilization which existed between the 11th and 13th centuries CE.

Today, many people choose to take a balloon ride over the structures that are still standing and admire them from above. It showcases the need for this society to praise its religion and uplift it to a place that we still remember fondly in the modern-day.

2 2. Rani-ki-Vav, India

This is more widely known as The Queen's Stepwell and it was built as a memorial to the late king. It consists of seven different levels with stairs and panels covered in the work done by a masterful artist. There is a lot of religious imagery contained within the well, but the source of water they accumulated is just as impressive.

They managed to create something that stood the test of time and the way it descends into the landscape was thought up by a very creative mind. It helps us understand that maybe our impossible task could be accomplished as you stare into the manmade depths that extend below you.

1 1. Mont-Saint-Michel, France

This dream church is located on an islet in France and was built between the 11th and 16th centuries. It was created in the Gothic-style of the times and it was built in honor of Archangel Michael.

There were many additions over the years and it is still difficult to access, but the visit will be something you will never forget. The picturesque view combined with the ingenuity it took to build the sanctuary here is unbelievable. The sight will soothe a broken soul as you take in the atmosphere of this perspective-changing location.

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