Food trucks don't only specialize in human food. Around the country, furry, four-legged friend owners can find that even their pups can be treated to a delicious meal on wheels just like they can. Anything gourmet from frozen custard to cheesy treats can be found on these trucks, which specialize in the art of making your pup smile. Each one brings with it a unique story (and, usually, their own unique pup or two!) making for an experience that you and your pup won't soon forget.


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Dog owners can find these pup-tastic food trucks around some dog parks and if you're on the hunt for one near you, these are worth looking out for. We can't guarantee your pup won't become a regular customer, though!

Fetch In Birmingham, Alabama

Fetch made history in Alabama as being the first food truck tailored solely to dogs back in 2014. While the truck is based in Birmingham, you can find this truck throughout the state at farmer's markets, festivals, and dog parks - simply follow them on social media to see where they're headed next!

With an impressive menu, Fetch is truly serving up gourmet canine cuisine with options that range from one-serving cookies all the way to full-sized cakes. There's no better way to make your pup feel like royalty than with a cake that's entirely for them, and maybe a few friends! Founder of Fetch, Allison Whitfield-Smith, uses only natural, high-quality ingredients that can be found on their website listing all of their treats.

The Seattle Barkery In Seattle, Washington

In that same year, The Seattle Barkery was started by Ben and Dawn Ford. Seattle already had a growing food truck scene and the addition of one created specifically for four-legged friends was a welcome idea. The first stop for the truck was the Warren G. Magnuson Park Off-Leash Dog Area, and they've been a hit in the city ever since.

Pup owners loved the truck so much that the couple was able to open a physical storefront, as well, specializing in all their most popular treats, such as cheesy donuts and bacon 'pupcakes.' With a full-service window at their food truck and a menu detailing their best offerings, this is one food truck that your pup will by psyched you stopped for.

Smart Cookie Cart was started out of a desire for healthier food, for both an owner and her pup. When Bri Bradley and her Aussie were diagnosed with cancer, a passion was found for all-natural, healthy foods that were high in nutritional value. Thus, Bri and Scott Bradley began creating the best wholesome, nutritious dog treats they could come up with and opened a door to a new world of beneficial pup foods.

This Barkery specializes in handmade treats that utilize only the highest-quality ingredients, made by people who genuinely care about what your pup is eating. And, if you needed any more reason to visit this awesome Treat Trycicle, the team's furry Chief Tasting Officer, Sam, might do the trick!

Alice's Gourmet Wonderland In Irvine, California

The unique thing about Alice's Gourmet Wonderland is that when you walk up to the food truck window, you might get a surprise - it's not uncommon to see two huskies, Alice and Fenrir, ready to take orders! This Wonderland-themed truck can be found around Southern California and, appropriately, specializes in a range of frozen treats as well as dog cookies.

The flavors are fun, with menu items such as The Mad Hatter, which is made with peanut butter and bananas. Alice's Gourmet Wonderland also made history as the first dog-specific food truck in Orange County, and it's a must-stop for any fluffy beachgoers and their friends.

Fido To Go In Chicago, Illinois

Fido To Go has a unique history in Chicago but also made history as being the very first pup food truck in the country back in 2011. It's hailed as being the original and as such, holds equally high standards for its food products and its pup-friendly service. The treats sold at each of the two trucks - adorably named Maddie and Jak - are all handmade and are done so with allergen- and gluten-free ingredients.

You can find pup cookies, frozen yogurt, and even dog chews at either of these bold orange trucks. If you're a cat owner, don't worry - Fido To Go has plenty of options for you, too! Cat treats are available for purchase, as well... Just make sure your pup doesn't get to them before your kitty does!

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