Royal Caribbean has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries when it comes to its fleet of unique ships. With competitors such as Carnival, the cruise line has steadily increased the number of attractions available on its ships as well as its number of ships, period, with a wide array of options for any vacation. When the world opens up again, chances are, cruises will once again be a top destination for travelers who wish to see multiple stops in a short span of time.

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With the newest Royal Caribbean ship, Wonder of the Seas, it's a no-brainer - not only will this ship have size on its side, but it'll also be packed with pastimes that will likely overshadow any other ship in the year to come.

The Ship's Maiden Voyage And Its Stats

In less than one year from this time of writing, in March of 2022, Wonder of the Seas is set to sail for the very first time. The ship will be groundbreaking with the ability to carry 7,000 guests on board, not including the additional 2,200 staff members. With a total of 2,900 staterooms, those interested in jumping on board this new ship should have no trouble finding the best accommodations to suit them.

The first voyage for Wonder of the Seas will include a stop in Shanghai before heading to Tokyo and Mount Fiji in Japan. Following that, the ship's winter destination will be Hong Kong before heading off to Vietnam's Chan May and South Korea's Busan and Jeju. Those interested will be able to book vacations on the ship that range from four to nine nights.

Features Aboard Wonder of the Seas

According to Royal Caribbean's website, Wonder of the Seas will 'unlock the best parts of Japan, one adventure-fueled at a time,' and with all of these features, it's easy to see how true that will be. From the outside, the ship itself looks like a neon-lit, futuristic haven for those seeking all the best in modern cruise amenities. It truly is a work of art both in its streamlined appearance as well as its modern lighting, with the two combining to create a ship that's unlike any other on the water right now.

The ship, when completed, will officially be the largest in the world and will feature eight unique 'neighborhoods' on board. One of which will be the ship's Central Park which is an open-air oasis featuring upscale eats, boutiques, and enough greenery to make guests forget they're in the middle of the ocean. The Boardwalk is a place for fun and games, and, of course, flashy shopping. There, guests can take a leisurely stroll around the best shops on the ship, ride the carousel, visit the AquaTheater, and get breathtaking views from various vantage points along the strip. At the Suite Neighborhood, guests will have a chance to recline in luxury with full views of the lower decks and sea, as it's the ship's highest elevated area. This is also where guests can find five-star dining and take a load off in style, all while taking in the best parts of sailing at sea.

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