In today's cautious society, airport security is understandably strict. Yet, for those less frequent travelers, remembering what is and isn't allowed on your carry-on can leave you feeling frantic and limited. The rules are usually pretty straightforward. However, not every airline is as forceful about these rules as the next.

You can usually bring a carry-on and a personal item, the latter of which is more accessible. However, a carry-on acts as an assurance that you will have all of your necessities in the event that your larger luggage gets delayed or lost. Your carry-on's real estate is imperative space that shouldn't be filled with arbitrary gadgets or souvenirs.  Women in particular usually back these cases to the brim, leaving little to no room for the essentials. To make your travel preparation a bit easier, here are ten things that women should have in their carry-on.

10 10. Comfortable Shoes

The days where travelers dress in their Sunday best for their flights have passed, but for some reason, you still see women adamant about wearing heels to the airport. In the event that she is, perhaps, coming straight from work to the airport, one can only hope that she remembered to pack comfortable shoes in her carry-on.

Whether you are wearing heels, sneakers, or flats to the airport, remember to always have a backup pair in your carry-on. Flying is a long ordeal and walking through the airport in heel-rubbing sandals is not a good time. Also, remember never to wear flip-flops on an airline or unless you want your feet to be freezing.

9 9. Power Bank

Since airplanes are now equipped with Wi-Fi, travelers like to use their idle time to skim through entertainment on their phones. Ladies, remember to bring a power bank so that your phone will be fully charged by the time you land. If you have other people in your party, you know that you're going to be the one coordinating the Uber pickup or finding the directions to the hotel!

8 8. A Blanket

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, as soon as you are in the sky, the temperatures of the aircraft will drop tremendously. The air can feel so frigid that sometimes that extra jacket isn't enough. Remember to back a blanket in your carry-on—especially for longer flights—so that you aren't so uncomfortable for the duration of your flight.

The reason that planes are generally kept at a cooler temperature is because of a medical condition known as hypoxia. This can cause people to faint due to the oxygen restrictions from being in the air. So, keeping the aircraft in a cooler climate will help prevent that from happening.

7 7. A Change of Clothes

It's almost policy nowadays for people to dress leisurely for plane trips. You may even find that some people are comfortable showing up to the airport in blatant pajama pants! But due to the chance that your flight can be delayed, it's smart to carry a change of clothes with you. especially if that delay means you need to stay the night at the airport or find last-minute accommodations. One, maybe two, outfits is more than enough, as you don't want your carry-on overly cramped.

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6 6. Moisturizer

As a rule of thumb, you can carry 3.4 ounces or 100ml of liquids in your carry-on that will fit in a clear quart-sized zipped plastic bag. In addition to things like your toothbrush, toothpaste, and carry on conditioners, you should also throw in a small tube of moisturizer. People tend to experience dry skin after flights, so having moisturizer handy will be a relief once you hit the ground.

5 5. Makeup Essentials

Women show up at the airport sporting all different kinds of looks. Some wear a little bit a makeup, some have a full glam facade, and some simply wear no makeup at all. Whichever it may be, remember to only pack you basic makeup materials in your carry-on. If your daily look typically consists of foundation, eyebrows, eyeliner, and the works, trying to stock this all in your carry-on is going to be overkill. Just bring materials you would need for a slight touch-up.

Ladies who are less inclined to wear makeup might also want to think about packing makeup essentials on the chance you need to head straight to your first destination after the airport and you want quick access to your supplies.

4 4. Gum


Gum is commonplace on airplanes for two reasons; the first is that the gum helps to relax the tubes in your ears, which become unbalanced after takeoff because of the air pressure. It essentially will help your ears "pop" and relinquish the pressure so that you don't have that irritating pain.

It's also nice to have on hand for prolonged flights since being on a flight for so long can leave you—and your mouth—feeling a bit grimy.

3 3. Hand Sanitizer

Airline employees make sure to take special care in between each flight to clean the aircraft through and through. However, it still doesn't neutralize the germs and potential risks that lie throughout the rest of the airport. Carrying hand sanitizer in populous environments like an airport is a smart move if you don't want to find yourself sick the first day you arrive at your destination.

Small sanitizer packets can fit in your carry-on with your other liquid-based essentials. You can generally find travel-size containers at your local convenience store or even at the airport gift shop.

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2 2. Entertainment or Productivity

If you want to be distracted by the crying children, your neighbors blaring headphones, or just the general dull that flights procure, you'll want to carry some form of entertainment with you. Bring a book, your tablet, or even your laptop if you have some work you can catch up on. These devices can also serve as a distraction for anyone who tends to feel a bit nervous while up in the air.

1 1. Water Bottle

Did you know that you can get free water refills on your flight? You may have to dispose of water bottles to get to TSA, but they are actually recommended for your in-flight excursion. Bring an empty water bottle on your flight and see if the flight attendant is willing to fill it up for you. If not, you can always find a nearby water fountain after you get through TSA to take with you for your long-awaited trip.

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