Abrea Hensley recently took her miniature service horse on a flight to Chicago, and it sounds as if everything went swimmingly.

Anyone over a certain age who is reading this likely remembers a time not too long ago when air travel was incredibly different from how it is today. Due to the imminent threat of planes being hijacked and terrorists attacking airports that was ushered in with the 21st century, for the past 20 years, we have had to follow a lot of strict rules when traveling by air.


Nowadays, if we see something that is even slightly out of the ordinary aboard a plane, most of us are likely sent into a mild panic. We'd definitely be asking a lot of questions if we were on a flight and a miniature horse wandered on. That's what happened on a flight traveling between Nebraska and Chicago recently, reports Business Insider.

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There was nothing to worry about, though. The horse's named Flirty, and he is the miniature service horse of Abrea Hensley. Abrea suffers from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Due to her being allergic to dogs, she can't have a canine companion to help her ease the symptoms of those issues. Enter Flirty, the miniature service horse.

Flirty had never been on a flight before but sounds as if she was the perfect passenger on her short-haul journey. "She took it all in stride like a pro. Once we achieved cruising altitude, she stood quietly and even took a nap," Abrea wrote on Flirty's Instagram. Apparently, Flirty's fellow passengers were quite taken with the fact that they were flying with a horse that day, and the American Airlines crew aboard the flight even posed for a photo with the service animal.

People have a wide array of different service animals to help with various issues. However, the news stories that come off the back of them trying to travel on planes is normally bad news. We have heard of situations where travelers have smaller service animals such as hamsters or squirrels and have been refused entry to a flight. Clearly, the way forward is a miniature horse, if you have that option.

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