There are a number of reasons for delayed flights, but none of them equate to a fun experience in an airport.

While there are things you can do when your trip is delayed to help pass the time, one woman’s way was so unique, it’s gone viral.

Shemika Charles literally did the one of the lowest limbos ever seen under airport waiting chairs at Philadelphia International Airport in Pennsylvania, USA. You know the ones; with the seats all connected, and stubborn set-in-place armrests so you can’t take a nap laying down before you get on the cramped airplane seats.


Take a look at the incredible control, how low she gets to the ground, and how far she travels along the floor:

The video starts with Charles stretching out and prepping for the incredible feat before suddenly dropping almost to her knees and bending all the way backwards. She then shimmies her way underneath the chairs. Even more amazing, she keeps gliding along the floor well after the chairs stop, showing off her unique talent. The video ends with her doing a little victory dance to a round of applause from her fellow passengers.

Never fear to all you travel bugs out there thinking you’ve been wasting your delayed flight times not creating viral videos though. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Charles is a Guiness World Record holder for “Lowest Female Limbo” and “The Farthest Distance to Limbo under 12 Inches”. She’s also been on two seasons of America’s Got Talent.

It’s not even the first time she’s done this in an airport either. She’s previously been filmed doing it in the same airport, a few years earlier.

Just how low can she go? Her lowest record was 8.5 inches off the ground, or the height of a beer bottle, and she has shimmied under a car.

Don’t try this at home though; she trains multiple hours a day and travels the US and internationally to perform.

Your time might be better off spent with pranks like these, or focusing on asking airports for these free things.