What is it that makes one hotel so appealing over another? Could it be the decor and the vintage vibe, possibly something that exudes 19th-century elegance? Or, perhaps it's the modern chicness of a place, featuring details that look like something out of a futuristic world? And, maybe, it's none of that at all but, rather, the reputation that a hotel has for excellence. What if a traveler could have all of it, from wonderful service to decor that perfectly suits their needs? Well, then you're likely to find all of that and more at the Madonna Inn.


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This grand hotel features 110 rooms, all of which are decorated in a completely different style with fixtures and furniture to match. That's not the only thing guests will find at this hotel, though - the themed rooms are incredible but so is the property, which sits on roughly 1,000 acres in San Luis Obispo, California. The hotel itself was constructed in 1958 and by 1960, a bakery, wine cellar, coffee shop, cocktail lounge, dining room, men's gift shop, lady's boutique, and gourmet shop were added.

The Madonna Inn's 110 Themed Rooms

The Madonna Inn has been hailed as a hotel with one of the most diverse interiors in the U.S. and, potentially, the world. Each room is decorated according to a specific style from flirty, fun, and feminine, to rustic and rugged, resembling something out of the Paleolithic Era. Grand opulence is no stranger at the Madonna Inn, either, as grand fireplaces, golden fixtures, and regal red carpets make up the most eye-catching details in some guest rooms.

Imagine driving up to this initially retro-style hotel featuring a hot pink sign that will soon become the lead-in to one of the most unique hotel experiences of your life. Upon pulling into the parking lot, it becomes clear that the Madonna Inn is no ordinary hotel and after walking up to the reception desk, it's clear that you're in for a real treat. With boldly patterned floors and wallpaper to match, a stone front reception desk, and a friendly welcome, you're directed to your room. Let's say that you've booked one of the Rock Waterfall Shower rooms, such as room 143, appropriately called 'Rock Bottom' - although, upon entering, it becomes clear that the last thing anyone could feel in this room is something akin to hitting rock-bottom.

According to The Madonna Inn's website, Rock Bottom is 'symbolic of an underground cavern,' featuring real stone walls, floors, and ceiling, a sculpted rock waterfall shower, a king-sized bed, and, to top it all off, the room can be found at the hilltop area of the hotel after walking down a stone path. This room provides guests with the experience of sleeping in an underground cavern, if the cavern was luxe and perfectly comforting.

Or, perhaps, you've booked the room by the name of 'Just Heaven' which echoes its name in every feature. With calming green, gold, and blue hues throughout this room, it even features a spiral staircase leading up to an ethereal viewing tower, where gleams of sunlight shine through multi-colored glass windows. The room itself has a king-sized bed, a comfortable sitting area with a wall-mounted TV, and proper French-style furnishings that make the room feel as though it was made for royalty.

What about a Standard Room, such as the 'Old Mill Room?' Like something out of a storybook, this room features every detail one could possibly ask for when it comes to feeling as though they're traveling through the Dutch countryside. On the wall, a traditional watermill has been designed, complete with a thatched roof pattern and a hand-painted mural of an idyllic vista, complete with meadows, mountains, and a grazing pasture adorns the entire wall. The waterwheel itself moves which also allows figurines to move in and out of the walls, making it feels as though guests are surrounded by the countryside during a time when life was much simpler. This room has two king-sized beds and a luxurious bathroom with a double sink and a tiled shower, which also has a miniature mosaic vista on the wall.

Dining And Other Services

When guests are hungry, they don't even need to leave the property as they have two options available to them: the Madonna Inn Copper Cafe, which serves classic American breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts, and Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steakhouse, which serves dinner from 4 PM to 10 PM.

The bakery is also a wonderful place to get some sweet treats, with Danish and French pastries that look more like edible art than dessert. From dinner rolls to cakes and everything in between, guests can find it all in this full-service bakery. The hotel's spa, shops, and wine cellar are equally as fun to explore, with one-of-a-kind gifts from the Madonna Inn as well as unique jewelry, dishware, and even clothing to explore.

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