When you visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, choosing your wand is a big deal. That’s why when you enter Ollivanders or one of the other places that sell wands, it can be a bit overwhelming. The shop itself is tiny and a difficult place to maneuver your way around (especially if you’re claustrophobic). However, the real challenge is picking the best wand for you. After all, these things don’t come cheap.

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There’s a lot to consider before selecting your wand at Universal Studios. Ample research on the wands available at the park is advisable if you don’t want to feel rushed or intimidated once you find your way into Diagon Alley. So to help you get a headstart, here are 10 things you didn’t know about choosing a Harry Potter wand at the Wizarding World at Universal Studios.

10 You Can't Ask To Be In The Ollivander Show

One of the many shows available at Universal Studios for the Wizarding World is the Ollivander's Wand Shop show. Basically what it consists of is an audience gathering around while one lucky witch or wizard has Ollivander himself help them choose their wand. Or rather, watch as the wand chooses them.

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This is a fun way to get your wand selected, however, you can’t ask to be a part of the show. The selection is completely arbitrary, and no, it’s not always children. People have pleaded to be a part of this show but typically, this won’t get you anywhere. Rather, you’ll just have to hope that the Harry Potter crew chooses you to be a part of this unique opportunity.

9 You Can Purchase Wands At Different Shops

Ollivander's is the most obvious place to get your wand, but in the likelihood that the shop fills up quickly, there are other places you can get yours. There is Gregorovitch's small stand just inside Diagon alley over to the right. There’s also a small kiosk in Hogsmeade directly across from the Hogwarts castle. And if you’re really impatient, you can always order your wand online. The prices are pretty stagnant throughout, and the packaging is explicitly the same. So really, you’ll be saving time by purchasing (or simply choosing) your wand before you get to the park.

8 Interactive Versus Resin

The resin ones are simply that; they are resin cast wands that are collectible replicas of the characters from the films. Or they can be the special ones that you can choose based on your own features (but more on that later).

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The interactive wands will have a glass tip at the end and they work at any of the designated shop windows. The interactive wands will make your time at the Wizarding World a lot more fun, as you’ll get to see your handy spellwork in action. These aren’t that much more expensive than the resin ones, however, they can only be used at Universal parks.

7 There Is A Light Up Wand

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, there is a light-up wand available at the Wizarding World. It is considered a toy wand and is bulkier than the ones you’ll find inside Ollivander's stacked wand boxes.

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It’s pretty cool, considering you can just say “Lumos" to cast a spell even after leaving the parks. Unfortunately, the light-up wand is only available in Harry’s design. You also won't be able to find those fancy remote control wands that you can buy off the internet at Universal Studios.

6 You Can Have Your Wand Repaired

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes wands need a bit of repairing. At least, the interactive ones. If it seems that your one isn’t reacting properly to be interactive stations, you can find the nearest witch or wizard and ask them to have your wand repaired. They will usually point you in the direction of one of the wand shops. There, you can just bring it in and tell them that your wand is broken and they will repair it.

They must have an Elder Wand back there because it’s a pretty quick process.

5 You Can Get The Professors' Wands

There are over 30 interactive wand choices available as well as 40 collectible resin ones. Not every character is available in the interactive version, but you'll definitely find the core characters as well a some of the professor's wands available. This includes Professors Flitwick, Slughorn, McGonagall, and Dumbledore.

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Out of the 30 interactive wands, only 19 are based on characters, which range from Death Eaters to various Weasley family members.

4 There Are 13 Types of Wands

Specialty wands are the different wood finishes, all of which you can choose based on your own personality. There are 13 types of finishes available from elder wood to oak, hawthorn, or holly. If you look on Pottermore, you can see what attributes line up with each wand.

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For example, an ivy-based wand means you are tenacious, patient, and goal-oriented. You may already know your wand from your Pottermore quiz, so you will be able to choose that specific wand based off of that outcome.

3 You Can Get A Celebratory Wand

The celebratory wand can be a wand chosen to reflect a specific date, like an anniversary or even the day you visit the Wizarding World. Each wand type is associated with a specific time frame.

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This means that if you decide to get a wand for your wedding anniversary that falls, say, between July 8 and August 4, then your celebratory wand would be made out of holly wood. Unfortunately, these types of wands are only collectibles and don’t come in the interactive versions.

2 You Can Get A Wand Based On Your Zodiac

You can also get you wand based on your zodiac. Keep in mind, however, that the Wizarding World‘s zodiac time frame does not line up exactly like the ones you may be used to. There are 13 different types of wood as opposed to 12, meaning the dates shift a little bit. For example, a rowan wand will be for people born between January 21 and February 17. Anyone born between December 24 of January 20 will have a birchwood wand.

1 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' Wands Are Now Available

Characters from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them finally launched their own set of character wands last year. These were only meant to be for a limited time, but as of right now, there are still Fantastic Beasts wands available at the parks. You can choose interactive or collectible ones from the following characters: Newt, Tina, Goldie, Dumbledore's original wand, Nicoles Flamel, Leta Lestrange, and Theseus Scamander.

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