The 10 Best Witch Things To Do In Salem

Salem Massachusetts attracts visitors from all over the world who are intrigued by its mystical history. Many of the facilities involved in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 still stand today, making for a fascinating and educational trip. Of course, October seems to be the most popular month to visit as the city takes part in several Halloween-themed and spooky events. However, you don’t have to wait ‘til October to get a witchy experience. Beat the crowds, get the best deals, and still have a memorable time getting to know the city and history of Salem as you explore the sites below.

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10 The Witch House

Address: 310 Essex St. | Salem, MA

The Witch House, belonging to Judge Jonathan Corwin and his family until the 1800’s, is the only structure still standing today that is directly connected to the 1692 witch trials. Judge Corwin was called to investigate the claims of witchcraft and served on the court that was eventually responsible for the convictions.

In 1944, the house was threatened to be demolished which sparked the reconstruction and preservation of Salem. The house was restored and opened to the public as a museum in 1948. It’s an excellent example of seventeenth-century architecture. Tours provide visitors with a visual which serves to give a deeper insight into the events that took place.

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9 The House of Seven Gables

Address: 115 Derby Street | Salem, MA

Nathaniel Hawthorne, author and grandson of Judge Hawthorne who was involved in the witch trials, created a novel called The House of Seven Gables. The novel was inspired by the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion, a gabled house in Salem. The book is painted with suggestions of witchcraft and the supernatural, so reading before visiting is recommended. The house is available for tours Monday-Friday and lasts about 30-45 minutes. Various programs are available throughout the year, with performances throughout October. Choose to explore Spirits of the Gables or Legacy of the Hanging Judge. Combination tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate allowing for the experience of both shows.

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8 The Satanic Temple

Address: 64 Bridge St | Salem, MA

The Satanic Temple is one of the more recent attractions found in Salem. Founded in 2013, the non-theistic group advocates for separation between church and state using the figure of Satan as its symbol. Though several chapters are found throughout the United States, it wasn’t until 2016 when they opened this temple to serve as its headquarters. The temple contributes yet another museum, but this one features art that critiques the hypocrisies of organized religions. You can also learn about the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s and 1990’s in their library.

7 Salem Witch Museum

Address: 19 1/2 N Washington Square | Salem, MA

If you’re looking to learn the ins and outs of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, add the Salem Witch Museum to your itinerary. The main presentation and info session is based on actual trial documents. The 13 life-size stage sets and eery lighting bring the drama of the trials to life as visitors look on to witness the corruption and distorted stories that came to be known as the Salem Witch Hunt.

Witches: Evolving Perceptions is the title of the second exhibit in the museum. For this portion, a live guide gives insight into the changing perceptions of witchcraft and the reality of practicing witches today.

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6 Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Address: 24 Liberty St. | Salem, MA

The Salem Witch Trials is known for convicting 14 women and 6 men for acts of witchcraft between June and September of 1692. To honor those who were wrongfully accused and executed, the memorial was constructed on the 300 year anniversary of the trials in 1992. The memorial is made up of 20 granite benches inscribed with the names of the accused, dates of execution, and victim’s protests. A number of black locust trees, believed to be the kind of trees the victims were hanged from, were planted on the grounds. The memorial sits adjacent to Old Burying Point cemetery where notorious Salem Witch Trial judges and other residents of 1692 are buried.

5 The Burying Point

Address: Charter St. | Salem, MA

From the Salem Witch Trial Memorial, you can wander to The Burying Point, Salem’s oldest burying ground. Here, you can find the graves of Judge John Hathorne and Judge Bartholomew Gedney. Both were heavily involved with the judgments made against the victims. Judge Hathorne, in particular, is thought to have profited in some way from his decision against the detainees. He refused to reconsider his verdict against the victims even after multiple witnesses abandoned their original testimonies. The convicted “witches” were denied their right to own or inherit property, and when one couple, Samuel Wardwell and his wife, were executed, their property in Lynn, Massachusetts was reassigned to court officials, including Hathorne.

4 The Salem Witch Village

Address: 282 Derby Street | Salem, MA

No matter the season, The Salem Witch Village has something witchy in store. In the village, you can choose to participate in various attractions popular in Salem. Walking tours of the village are headed by modern, practicing witches who can shed light on the reality of witchcraft in the ancient and modern world. They will also provide historical information as you visit some of the important landmarks while discussing the origins of typical stereotypes like flying brooms and black cats and devil worship. Other attractions include Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tours, Salem Wax Museum of Witches and Seafarers, and even a spellcasting by a practicing witch.

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3 The Salem Haunted Magic Show

Address: 50 Washing St. | Salem, MA

This specific show is only available during the Halloween season, from September to November. Still, it can be worth your while if you’re looking for a haunted experience. Every year, the show’s theme is changed. In the past, they’ve focused their shows on phobias, mental asylums, and fraudulent psychic mediums. Every show aims to intertwine entertainment with messages and lessons about the specific subject. Every show is completely different and unique - even if you attend multiple times during your stay. The show is about 75 minutes long and audience participation is encouraged, though never forced.

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2 OMEN Psychic Power & Witchcraft Emporium

Address: 184 Essex Street | Salem, MA

On your trip to Salem, stop by OMEN for a truly supernatural experience. Guided by a real spirit medium, you’ll step into the spirit parlor to connect with those who’ve passed. Participants are encouraged to bring an item of the departed and are guided through a meditation that allows for a seamless connection between the 3D and the spirit world. The shop also contains various products that can help you to establish connections on your own time. Some items include spell candles, incense, crystals and gems, potions, and much more.

1 The Gallows Hills Main Show

Address: 7 Lynde Street | Salem, MA

Gallows Hills is thought to be the site where the executions of the “witches” happened. From June through October, you can choose to watch the Main Show which uses holograms, ghostly projections, rumble seats, and 4D effects to bring the witches and ghosts of Salem to life. The interactive and immersive theatrics allows the audience can learn about the history and horror that took place during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. In October, combo tickets are available so you can watch the Main Show, in addition to any of the special event shows.

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