Winnipeg is the largest and most populated city in the Canadian province of Manitoba, but it's not a popular visiting location for opposing NHL players.

ESPN conducted a players poll on a variety of topics, and they asked players which city do they dread visiting the most. A whopping 42 percent of those polled voted for Winnipeg, with Buffalo, New York a distant second at 34 percent.

Some of the feedback was overly harsh, too. One player called Winnipeg "always's just dirty...nothing about it is very exciting." Another remarked that it's "just depressing" while suggesting they prefer not to leave their hotel to simply grab a coffee.


Not all of the responses towards Winnipeg were negative, however. One player pointed out how a casino is close nearby, and they appreciate having the TSN channel, which isn't available for the team they play for in the United States.

After Winnipeg and Buffalo, Edmonton, Alberta was the next highest - garnering 10 percent of the votes. Calgary, Alberta, Ottawa, Ontario and Raleigh, North Carolina were tied for fourth with four percent of votes. Columbus, Ohio was fifth with two percent.

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This isn't the first time where the topic has come under the microscope. In 2018, three San Jose Sharks players called Winnipeg their least favorite city to visit. Winnipeg head coach Paul Maurice defended the city and pointed out that nobody should complain about the NHL, and that the Jets' constant sell-outs help the league revenue.

Obviously, a large portion of NHL players on American teams are used to the warmer climates. There are thee teams in California, and two in Florida. So it's understandable that many of them don't care for the freezing cold in Winnipeg.

But it's still one of the nicest cities in Canada, and it's great for those who love the outdoor winter sports. Not only that, but Winnipeg has a long list of popular tourist attractions - including The Forks, the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. There's more to offer in Winnipeg than many players seem to believe.

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