Williamsburg, a beautiful city in Virginia home to living history, wonderful theme parks, and stunning waterfronts, is a unique destination to visit. Williamsburg is just a short drive away from Washington, D.C., is full of fun outdoor activities, and is known for its historic charm and iconic landmarks. It is enough to stay at the town's city center and enjoy Williamsburg's various restaurants, wineries, and breweries.

Additionally, the city is known as the premier center for preserving and interpreting American colonial history, where it houses The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Whether visiting Williamsburg in spring, fall, summer, or any time of the year, people will be enjoying their time. However, there's one time where hitting Williamsburg has proven to be uniquely special, and that is Christmas time.


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The Magical Holiday Activities During Christmas In Williamsburg

Visiting Williamsburg during the Christmas holidays will provide one with a magical and unforgettable experience. Filled with lights, photos with Santa, marvelous sights and sounds of the holiday season, and the famous Busch Gardens Christmas Town, celebrating Christmas at Williamsburg is a must for those who want to plan something special for the holidays. Visitors can kick off the festivities by strolling throughout the European villages at Busch Gardens in the city and enjoying the Carol songs while beholding the beauty of the magnificently lit park.

The Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration features village entertainment, sweet culinary offerings, Santa's workshop meetings, a Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt, among other activities. In 2021, The Busch Gardens Christmas Town celebrations will run from 12 November through 2 January.

  • How to get there: The Busch Gardens are located at 1 Busch Gardens Blvd, Williamsburg, VA 23185
  • Dates: The Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration runs on select dates from mid-November through the first week in January, from 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM or 05:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
  • Cost: It is free to attend the Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration for annual pass holders. Regular ticket prices are set at $40, with a reservation required.

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Williamsburg's Marvelous 18th Century Holiday Tradition

A unique and marvelous 18th-century holiday tradition takes place during Christmas in Williamsburg by Lighting the Cressets that will light all the way coupled with entertaining musicians playing mesmerizing melodies in Colonial Williamsburg. During December, guests will enjoy their special holiday events where they will celebrate with Christmas carols at the Courthouse, participate in walking tours that highlight Colonial Christmas decorations, and behold the art museums galleries of the beautiful region.

Moreover, people will Father Christmas and enjoy ice skating at the Liberty Ice Pavilion rink when celebrating Colonial Williamsburg. Visitors will also participate in the unique community Christmas Tree Lighting accompanied by a reading of The Night Before Christmas in mid-December. One of the most essential experiences in Colonial Williamsburg is to savor the delicious holiday meals and feasts that will take visitors into another place of yumminess. Additionally, people will enjoy shopping for unique wreaths and centerpieces.

  • How to get there: The Lighting Of The Cressets takes place on Duke Of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, VA 23185.
  • Dates: The Lighting Of The Cressets occurs from mid-December through Christmas Eve from 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM.

Witnessing The Marvelous Grand Illumination Of Colonial Williamsburg

The most beautiful Christmas event to witness in Colonial Williamsburg is the marvelous and highly anticipated Grand Illumination. No one would want to miss such a magnificent attraction that is for everyone to see.

The illuminations were also an 18th-century tradition when residents in Williamsburg used to fire guns and fireworks to celebrate a king's birthday, the arrival of a new governor, or a military victory. Attendees can view the fireworks displays from the Magazine, Palace, or Capitol at 07:00 PM. They can also enjoy the musical performances that start at various stages throughout the Historic Area at 5:15 PM.

  • How to Get There: People can attend the Grand Illumination at Colonial Williamsburg, 310 S England Street, Williamsburg, VA 23185.
  • Dates: The Grand Illumination takes place on the first Sunday in December.

People can also enjoy the various Christmas celebrations and unique attractions in Yorktown, where they can visit the American Revolution Museum to learn about the Christmas traditions, winter life, and other areas at military encampments during the American Revolution. People can also find Santa all over Williamsburg, from the Busch Gardens, Yankee Candle Village, and Yorktown, to Colonial Williamsburg, the Gallery at York Hall, the Mariners Museum, and other places.

During Christmas, another place worth visiting in Williamsburg is the Jamestown Settlement, where people can enjoy Christmastide in Virginia starting the weekend before Christmas. Visitors can attend some interpretive programs during the event, along with musical performances.

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