Money might not be able to buy happiness - but it sure can buy some amazing holiday homes. While we can all enjoy a luxury holiday to some extent, the dream of huge private villas, breathtaking views, and anything else your heart desires is limited for most of us by our budgets.

The exception to that rule is celebrities. With so much of their lives publicized across the media, celebrities turn to remote holiday homes to seek out some much-needed peace and relaxation in an idyllic setting. So while we all love jetting off for a well-deserved holiday in the lap of luxury every now and then, it's no surprise that celebs know how to take a vacation to the next level.

We've taken a look at some of the most extravagant, expensive, and downright impressive holiday homes owned by celebs from Beyonce to Richard Branson to show you where these stars jet off to when they want to get away from it all - as well as 7 celebrity locations you probably never knew existed!

25 Emily Blunt And John Krasinski: $4.25 Million California Country Home

John Krasinski is a long way from The Office with this gorgeous 4,177-square-foot mansion in Southern California.

The couple's holiday home was recently put on the market and listed for an impressive $4.25 million. With more than five acres of land including a pool, spa, private guest wing, 4 immaculately decorated bedrooms, the new owners of this amazing property will be just an hour's drive from Los Angeles.

24 Leonardo DiCaprio: $5.2 Million Palm Springs California Bungalow

Leonardo Di Caprio makes it no secret that he enjoys the high-life and is frequently photographed enjoying luxury holidays around the world.

He purchased this one-story, modern holiday home in Palm Springs back in 2014, and the open-plan bungalow has the exact chic, contemporary interior you'd expect the Hollywood legend to enjoy.

23 Naomi Watts And Liev Schrieber: $5.4 Million Montauk Beach House

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts paid a smooth $5.4 million for their Montauk mansion, based at the east end of the Long Island peninsula in New York.

Their new holiday pad offers up gorgeous ocean views, a private pool, and a veranda to enjoy the scenery. This quiet neighbourhood is also home to fellow stars Matt Lauer and Christie Brinkley, and is clearly a hit with celebrities looking for a quiet place to enjoy a well-deserved break every now and then.

22 Prince: $5.93 Million Spanish Mansion

This salmon-coloured villa once owned by music-legend Prince stayed on the market for years after it went on the market. Bought by Prince in 1998 for his wife at the time, it is now worth a cool $5.93 million.

The Mediterranean mansion includes an outdoor jacuzzi, master bedroom suite, and is in the idyllic setting of rolling Spanish hills looking over the sea beyond. Lying just west of Marbella, the area is well-known among the rich and famous for its stunning mountain views and leisure activities to indulge in nearby.

21 Keith Richards: $10 Million Bahamas Beach House

As a member of one of the world's biggest rock bands, it follows that Keith Richards would have a holiday home to match that kind of legendary status.

The Rolling Stones guitarist owns beautiful beachside property set in 2-acres of land in the Bahamas. With ocean views from every bedroom, the luxury villa sits among an exclusive number of private homes on the tropical island, all of which have the same modern interiors and stunning beach-side view. For a whopping $10 million, you'd expect nothing less.

20 Will Smith: $13.5 Million Hawaiian Paradise

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith purchased their dream Hawaiian holiday home located in Kaui back in 2009 for $13.5 million.

The stunning 2,200-square-foot holiday mansion includes a pool, gym, and a number of luxuriously decorated bedrooms, but the centerpiece is the private beach that comes with the property!

The couple sold the Hawaiian paradise back in 2011, but with strong ties to Hawaii, we don't doubt they'll be looking for another property on the island soon.

19 Taylor Swift: $17 Million Rhode Island Escape

Taylor Swift's $17 million Rhode Island mansion benefits from a private cliffside location, giving the star a much-deserved retreat away from prying eyes when she needs time to relax.

The mansion measures a huge 11,000-square-feet across four floors, and includes a 45-foot sunroom and eight bedrooms - with one floor dedicated to guest accommodation for her friends.

Taylor's home has hosted many high-profile parties, including her Fourth of July party that featured heavily in her famous friends' Instagram pics for the next couple of days.

18 Billy Joel: $19 Million Hamptons Beach House

Billy Joel bought this beachfront estate in the Hamptons back in 2007 and went on to sell it for a cool $19.95 million in 2009.

Although he owned the mansion for just a few years, the Piano Man was said to enjoy multiple vacations at the property, which included a number of modern amenities including a high-tech kitchen, three large guest bedrooms, and an expansive veranda overlooking the view.

Interestingly, it's said that the property struggled to sell when Joel first put it on the market because it doesn't have a swimming pool!

17 Lady Gaga: $23 Million Malibu Mansion

Lady Gaga's sumptuous Malibu mansion featured in the Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two and was dubbed by the star as her 'gypsy palace'.

The property spans a huge 10,270-square-feet on an estate spread across almost six-acres opposite the gorgeous Zuma Beach. With five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home theatre, a bowling alley, and jaw-dropping views of the Pacific Ocean, this holiday home is truly a retreat in every word.

16 Jay-Z and Beyonce: $26 Million Hamptons Holiday Home

This sprawling Hamptons estate is reported to be on the market for $26 million, but Beyonce and Jay-Z are instead said to have rented the property for an entire month for $250,000.

The mansion includes a 60-foot swimming pool, spa, bowling alley, tennis court, and 12 bedrooms set across 11-acres of land to give the two superstars and their children all the privacy they need.

While the couple may not have purchased this property, there's no doubt that this is one seriously exclusive holiday home reserved only for the top of the rich and famous.

15 Oprah Winfrey: $28.25 Million California Ranch

Oprah Winfrey reportedly purchased this stunning horse farm on the coast of Montecito, California for $28.25 million.

The ranch not only has a horse barn and riding rings but also includes plenty of home-grown produce with a two-acre avocado grove and a host of citrus trees surrounding the property. Oprah will be in good company when visiting Montecito, too, with stars such as Ellen Degeneres, Drew Barrymore, and Rob Lowe also owning property in the area.

14 Mel Gibson: $29.75 Million Costa Rica Hideaway

Mel Gibson reportedly found this idyllic retreat in Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula while filming his 2006 film Apocalypto. 

Originally on the market for $35 million, he dropped the asking price to $29.75 million after struggling to sell the remote property.

Though it may be in a less popular destination than others on this list, the Costa Rican villa does have some impressive features, including a beachside location with two-miles of Costa Rican coastline, seven bedrooms, and two separate guesthouses for hosting guests.

13 Tom Cruise: $37 Million Colorado Country Estate

There's no doubting that Tom Cruise's Colorado country home is a special place. Spanning across 298-acres of forests, meadows, and including a private trail system, the home offers the ideal private retreat amongst breath-taking natural scenery.

The estate includes seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a separate guest house, but perhaps most notable is that the property also comes with a private helipad to provide easy access to the estate.

12 Ryan Seacrest: $49 Million Hollywood Hills home

Ryan Seacrest purchased his Hollywood Hills home from his fellow celebrity and serial property-flipper Ellen DeGeneres from an estimated $49 million.

The 9,200-square-foot residence was constructed by combining neighbouring properties, resulting in a nine-bedroom mansion that includes a pool, separate guesthouses, and enviable views of the hills of Hollywood.

11 Cindy Crawford: $50 Million Malibu Beach House

Cindy Crawford and her partner Rande Gerber reportedly just sold this stunning Malibu beach house for $50 million, which is actually a loss compared to what they bought it for!

The property, located directly next to the beach, offers gorgeous ocean-side panoramic views of the surrounding coastline and has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and 3.18 acres of land to offer privacy and tranquillity to the stars.

10 Tiger Woods: $54.4 Million Florida Estate

As the first athlete to ever accumulate over $1 billion in career islands, it's no surprise that Tiger Woods has multiple luxury homes to his name. This sprawling mansion on Jupiter Island, Florida, is the golf superstars Tiger Woods' country estate.

Jupiter Island is home to one of the wealthier zip codes in all of the USA, so Woods' $54.4 million estate is perfectly at home here. Not only do the grounds come with a 3.5-acre golf course so the athlete can work on his game even on his off-time, but it also comes with tennis courts, an oxygen therapy room and gym, a wine cellar, boat docks(!), and an vast number of well-manicured lawns surrounding the 12-acre property.

9 Sting: $67,000 Per Week 16-Century Tuscan Villa

Perhaps one of the most surprising things you could learn about rock and roll legend, Sting, is that he and his wife own the stunning Villa il Palagio in Tuscany, Italy, and rent it out as a holiday home.

Costing $67,000 per week, the 16th-Century villa certainly looks impressive and has been upgraded with air-conditioned rooms to keep guests comfortable even in the hottest Italian summers. The villa features countless immaculate gardens, a large swimming pool, stables, vineyards, and a full complement of bilingual staff on hand to wine and dine guests for vacations and weddings for up to 400 guests.

8 David Copperfield: $90 Million Private Islands

Welcome to Musha Cay, the exclusive beach resort owned by David Copperfield, available to be booked by anyone for a whopping $57,000 per night. Yes, per night.

The world-famous illusionist reportedly bought the private island known as Musha Cay in 2006, and then spent an additional $40 million remodelling the island and acquiring 10 additional nearby islands to make up the archipelago now known as the Islands of Copperfield Bay.

The island is home to five separate houses, which are able to accommodate up to 24 guests. Amongst an array of exclusive entertainment options, the island has an outdoor theatre, a private speedboat, and of course, absolute privacy for anyone who has the money to buy it.

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7 Mick Jagger: $30,000 Per Week Mustique Villa

Mick Jagger has delved into the world of real estate with his beachfront villa on the private West Indies island of Mustique, available for rent from $16,500 per week in low reason, and $30,000 per week in high season.

The pristine compound comes with a Japanese-inspired decor with seven separate pavilions connected by raised walkways, creating a tranquil environment throughout the grounds. Of course, the estate comes with all the usual features, including a beachfront location, a pool overlooked by an open-air gazebo, as well as a gym, game room, and media lounge inside.

6 Richard Branson: $180,000 Necker Island - Now $42,000 A Night!

As a true display of his entrepreneurial spirit, Richard Branson bought Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands for just $180,000 when he was 28 - now, he charges $42,000 for one night at the luxury private retreat it is today.

Necker Island is a 74-acre island and is available to be rented exclusively, holding up to 22 people. The island has just recently reopened following damage from Hurrican Irma, and now is now being dubbed Necker 2.0 thanks to some serious upgrades.