Climate change and rising sea levels threaten the existence of many islands, which could slowly (and in some cases not so slowly) disappear beneath the waters. Although some of these remote locations are uninhabited and are not on travelers' bucket lists, others are teeming with life, and it will not be long before we no longer have the opportunity to visit them.

The Galapagos Islands are celebrated for their unique wildlife, but they have also made headlines recently because of the effect that climate change is having. The rapid heating of the ocean has scientists concerned. If you need a reason to take note of the climate changes happening in the world, this is probably it. Below are some islands that are close to disappearing, and others which have already become submerged.

10 Perlamutrovy In The Russian Arctic Archipelago Has Disappeared

Climate change and a rise in sea level threaten the existence of many tiny islands, and some have already disappeared. According to Tech Times, a small island in the Russian Arctic archipelago known as Perlamutrovy is already gone. Although this particular piece of land was small and uninhabited, it does highlight the effects of climate change.

9 Hurricane Walaka Washed Away A Tiny Island In Hawaii

Hurricane Walaka was one of the most devasting tropical storms on record, and it left destruction in its wake, but it also washed away a small, remote island in Hawaii. According to Tech Times, the tiny spot was just 11 acres. This is likely not an island many people even knew about, but the loss still made headlines around the world.

8 The Sea Level In Palau Is Rising Much Faster Than The Global Average

The rising sea levels in Palau could see this stunning stretch of land disappear within a few decades. According to Reader's Digest, the sea levels have risen around 0.35 inches per year since 1993, which is around three times the global average. The effect has left residents to deal with their yards flooding, and climate change is resulting in the island's wildlife, like the golden jellyfish, disappearing.

7 The Residents Of Carteret Islands, Of Papua New Guinea, Had To Be Relocated

Imagine having to leave your home because of the risk that the rising sea levels have presented. This is what has happened to residents on the Carteret Islands of Papua New Guinea. According to Forbes, residents had to be relocated because "a strong tropical storm or cyclone could locally raise sea level enough to completely erode away the island in one event."

6 Ocean Acidification And Other Environmental Factors Could Cause Cook Islands To Disappear In 20 Years

Seeing photos of Cook Islands (located between Hawaii and New Zealand) will make you want to pack your bag and visit because these coral and volcanic islets are picturesque, but they are also in danger. According to JetSetter, sea levels, rainfall, cyclones, and ocean acidification, have had an effect on these islands, and conditions are expected to worsen over the next few decades.

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5 Tuvalu's Sinking Islands Will Not Be Around For Much Longer Due To Climate Change

Tuvalu's Sinking Islands have not disappeared, but it may not be long before they do. According to The Guardian, Tuvalu, located between Hawaii and Australia, is just a "speck" in the Pacific Ocean and the fourth smallest nation in the world. The island is inhabited by 11,000 people, and residents have noticed changes caused by rising sea levels and coastal erosion. The publication notes that two of the nine islands are already at risk of being submerged.

4 The White Island In Camiguin Already Vanishes During High Tide

Mantigue Island, more commonly known as The White Island or Vanishing Island, is located in Camiguin, in the Philippines, Choose Philippines reports. It's a fascinating location, made up of crushed coral and sand. It is uninhabited, but a popular destination to visit, despite high tides causing it to vanish. According to Out Of Town Blog, it "gets lost in the sea during high tides."

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3 Increasing Sea Levels Threaten The Very Existence Of Micronesia (And Some Islands Have Already Disappeared)

You can find Micronesia, a country consisting of hundreds of small islands, southwest of Hawaii. According to Reader's Digest, the increase in sea levels has resulted in several islands disappearing (like Nahlapenlohd), while others have been "severely reduced in size." The Conversation notes that the islands of Laiap and Ros have lost two-thirds of their land area and could disappear entirely within the next decade.

2 Tiny Pacific Islands That Form Part Of The Solomon Archipelago Have Already Been Lost

The Solomon Archipelago has had a similar fate, and according to BBC News, in 2016 it was reported that five tiny Pacific islands had disappeared because of erosion and a rise in sea levels. None of these islands had human inhabitants. According to Reader's Digest, The Solomon Islands consist of almost 1,000 islands and atolls, located in the South Pacific.

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1 Climate Change Is Heating The Ocean, And The Wildlife On The Galapagos Islands Is In Danger

The Galapagos Islands, located 1000 km off the coast of Ecuador, is a destination often celebrated for its beauty and unique wildlife. Still, it has also made headlines recently because of the effect that climate change is having. According to the New York Times, climate change is heating the ocean, and scientists have a reason for concern because it poses a great risk to local wildlife.

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