Cruises always seem like the pinnacle of travel. They can be expensive, which automatically makes them inaccessible for most travel budgets and, therefore, quite exclusive. The amenities and services can feel luxe even when you know you've prepaid for everything from your drinks to your room service and even the bottled water in the mini-fridge.

Still, not many people regret going on a cruise, and we're reasonably sure you'll be one of those happy cruisers this spring. There are plenty of perks to cruising anytime, but here's why you won't regret shelling out for an epic cruise vacation this spring.


Most Cruise Packages Won't Require A Second Mortgage

There's something about worldwide disease outbreaks that makes travel less expensive. For spring 2020 travel, you can expect coronavirus to continue making an impact on the industry and people's travel plans. That means cheaper cruise packages for those who are confident in their handwashing abilities.

Of course, the fact that many cruises offer price matching is also a perk. Most cruise lines promise to match their own prices, which means if the cost drops on open staterooms after you book, they'll reimburse you for the difference. All told, you could pay less for a more elegant cabin and a private deck than you would for a musty room with no windows. And of course, you may still want a deck just in case you get quarantined on your ship like other cruisers who embarked on their trips in winter.

Odds Are, You Won't Be Elbow-To-Elbow With Other Travelers

Some people (hopefully like you) won't let health scares discourage them from embarking on the trip of a lifetime. That said, not everyone is willing to book a springtime cruise. With everything from current health worries to the potential for allergies and even tropical storms, a lot of people just won't go.

That means less of a sardine-like environment and more breathing room on deck (and elsewhere). Plus, as Porthole explains, a lot of families won't go cruising in spring (or fall, for that matter) because their kids are in school. That could mean that options like Disney cruises are ideal for families (and adults, TBH) who can get the time out of school and work this spring.

If You're A Spring Breaker, You Can Stop At All The Hot Spots

In contrast with folks who are planning family cruises, if you're looking for more of a party vibe, not to worry. You won't regret going on a spring break cruise that stops at all the partying hot spots where college kids hang out. Carnival cruises have a reputation for being all about the younger crowd (but not too young), so you might consider a trip like the Carnival Vista or Carnival Imagination this spring.

Oh, and college party cruises are a thing, too, though your itinerary won't consist of much other than drinking and dancing. That said, cruises can be great for partying for that reason: you won't be tempted to drive, and you'll be safer than if you were bar-hopping on land.

Spring Cruising Will Totally Boost Your Mood (And Banish Those Winter Blues)

Some doctors even recommend that their patients head out on a vacation in spring. That's how effective travel is at banishing the wintertime blues. Seasonal affective disorder (aptly abbreviated as SAD) is one of those things that can get anyone down, not just people who deal with depression year-round.

Embarking on a cruise (especially one to a tropical destination) can warm up your bones and your mood, confirms Travel and Leisure. And although it might still be frosty in the mornings back home, when you're cruising in the tropics, you'll forget all about the chill.

If Your Dream Is To Go On A Cruise, There's No Better Time

Honestly, the biggest reason you won't regret going on a cruise this spring is that you've probably been pining for a sea voyage your entire life. Instead of putting your dreams on the shelf for another season—or an entire year more—why not head out right now? The deals are good, a lot of people are opting to stay home, and those tropical destinations are totally calling your name.

Taking advantage of great deals in this season also means you have plenty of funds for travel the rest of the year. After all, once you head out on your first cruise, you might just be in it for the long haul. But don't worry—we're told that fall is also a great time for those deals you won't regret going all-in on.