Every cruise line likes to think it's tops regarding family accommodations. But Disney is different, given the company's life history of appealing to an all-ages market.

The same magic they put into their movies and theme parks is evident on every ship deck flying under the Mickey Mouse banner, and it's that allure drawing families to the gangplank at every port.

This winter and throughout 2020, Disney's going all-out with a couple themes that'll make it even more irresistible for families to get a ship boarding pass. Most voyages will dedicate an entire day to a number of themes, such as Star Wars and the Marvel graphic novel conglomerate.


Hollywood Themes At Sea

One day, you could be hanging with the likes of Chewbacca or R2D2, The next day might witness the youngsters taking selfies with Spider-Man or slinging a hammer with Thor. With those characters on board, it's tough for other cruise competitors to compete in the entertainment department if all they have is a water park or a climbing wall.

Family Packages

The smart event planner out there fully realize that creating options for families means dealing with consumer groups that have a lot of expenses, most of them concerning all those little mouths to feed. Which is why Disney takes a household's budgeting constraints to heart by building all the amenities into a relatively more affordable package with some discounts available.

Many other liners opt for the a la carte route, meaning that travelers might discover a higher cruise bill with creeping costs at the end of the voyage. Disney likes to offer a lot of surprises, but a hefty fare with those annoying add-ons isn't one of them.

Entertainment Options Galore

Disney isn't strictly for kids, but there's plenty to keep them amused, leaving the parents with some time to themselves. That's when they can take advantage of a live theater show based on a Disney outing, get pampered at the spa on board, engage in some fine dining or find a quiet space near the pool to unwind.

And while Caribbean cruises are among the biggest draws, Disney doesn't limit itself to that part of the world for it cruises. Also on its travel itinerary are longer trips to Europe and even Alaska. Regardless of a family's pick for a cruise package or destination, Disney likes to assure all its passengers first-class hospitality the moment the anchor is raised.