Imagine sitting on a beautiful tropical beach, getting a tan without a care in the world. Your best friend or significant other is next to you on a comfortable beach chair. Someone comes and brings you a fresh margarita with a lime wedge while you casually read the next page of your novel or magazine. If that image has you planning your next vacation and drooling for a beach trip you need to check out Runaway Bay in Jamaica!

What Makes Runaway Bay The Perfect Summer Vacation Destination?

Runaway Bay is a town in Saint Ann Parish on Jamaica’s northern coastline. It has stunning coral reefs and perfect beaches with warm, clear water. There are also several amazing areas nearby to further enhance your experience in Jamaica including the Green Grotto Caves with stalactites and stalagmites, guiding you down to a watery grotto. Also, Nine Mile, which is the birthplace and childhood home and legendary reggae singer Bob Marley. If you’re a fan of reggae or Bob Marley, make sure to check out some of the places set up to honor the musical ledge and some cover bands singing traditional reggae songs.


During spring and summer, Runaway Bay has an average daily temperature of around 88 degrees Fahrenheit - perfect for getting that amazing tan you’ve always dreamed about and trying out some new bathing suits! Ditch whatever cold weather you’re experiencing and enjoy the endless summer weather of Jamaica’s beautiful beaches.

Many places on the Bay offer all-inclusive packages with booking their hotels - this is the perfect way to get the most out of your experience and save money! Whether you like small and charming or large and glamorous there are an abundant amount of hotels and villas to choose from in order to make your vacation in Runaway Bay absolutely perfect! These hotels are here for you and looking for your business, shop around to find the best prices, the perfect location, and all-inclusive deals for your dream vacation!

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No matter what kind of adventure you’re into, you can find it at Runaway Bay! They have ATV off-roading opportunities for about $125 per person. There’s also horseback riding and zip-lining between $100-$500 depending on the size of your group. Keep the party going by checking out Jamaican Bobsledding rides at Dunn’s River Falls for $220 per person, the finish off the night at Dunn’s exclusive restaurant and bar.

If action is not quite your speed but you still want to explore all Jamaica has to offer consider Half-Day Blue Hole and the Secret Falls Tour, $44 per person. Explore the wild river life on Martha Brae’s River Rafting adventure starting at $85 per person. There’s also more relaxing Bamboo River Rafting and horseback riding through the ocean to explore more of the magnificent views starting at $115 per person. Some of these experiences might also be offered in your all inclusive packages. Make sure to ask!

Most people come to Jamaica for the ocean and getting in the water but it doesn’t have to be limited to just swimming in the shallow end. There are also amazing opportunities to go snorkeling, scuba diving, and learning to surf while in Jamaica. Make the best of your vacation by really exploring the native, wildlife in Jamaica.

Souvenirs and Shopping In Runaway Bay

Of course, when visiting such a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime place like Runaway Bay, Jamaica there has to be some shopping and souvenirs! If you don’t bring home amazing souvenirs, did you really even go on a trip? Make sure to check out the Shopping Tour from Runaway Bay Hotels. There are many local street market places to pick up hand-made items done by locals in Jamaica. If you’re looking for something a bit more sparkly check out Runaway Bay Centre. There you’ll find amazing items for even better prices.

While a lot of the spectacular hotels and rental places have delicious restaurants and places to eat there are also fantastic local places you must be sure to try during your stay, including some of the freshest seafood! Check out these amazing places:

  • Milestone Restaurant Bar and Grill
  • Sharkies Seafood Restaurant
  • Highseas Seafood Raft (eat on a boat on the crystal clear water!)
  • Moonstone
  • Jerkys

Jamaica will offer some of the best seafood places you’ll ever experience! Try a new restaurant every night and find your new favorite spot for buttered shrimp or surf and turf dishes.

Looking for some amazing nightlife and parties? Runaway Bay has got you covered! Appleton’s Estate Rum Tour Chillz Nightlife Tour. Both will give you an amazing experience with delicious drinks and lots of laughs! Each of these amazing tours will make for fantastic pictures and guarantee to make all your Instagram followers jealous. They have free cancellation policies and start at only $33 per person!

There is something for everyone at Runaway Bay in Jamaica. Whether you’re on your honeymoon, a girl's weekend getaway, or a family vacation, find everything you’re looking for and more on your trip to Runaway Bay in Jamaica!

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