Who wants to be just like the ladies of The Bachelor? OK, this question won’t get everyone excited, but they do get to travel to some cool places when they are trying to snag another rose from the fella they’re all fighting for. Romantic, no?

Even those who are already in a relationship or wouldn’t dare “date” a guy on TV can appreciate an awesome destination when they see one. How ‘bout Cleveland, for example?

The current handsome hunk trying to find true love on The Bachelor surprised the ladies with a trip to Cleveland. We mostly see the contestants travel to more exotic places, but the good old USA has plenty of visit-worthy cities with lots to see, do, and explore.


If you watch The Bachelor, you got a taste of what this major Ohio city has to offer, and these five attractions below add to the Cleveland fun.

Check them out and be sure to add these spots to your itinerary if you plan to visit. Cleveland is a cool place...just ask the gals from The Bachelor who saw it for themselves!

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame – A Music Lover’s Must

Music lovers must visit this amazing place to see music come alive – both past and present. Rock’s best and brightest are showcased here, and the exhibits are exciting and elaborate. Tour the multi-level Hall for hours of music magic.

See the artists and bands who’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame along with their photos and other memorabilia. There are tons of awesome instruments, hands-on action, a café, and stores to collect souvenirs.

You’ll gain a greater appreciation for your favorite musicians, and the things you’ll learn will be life-changing. For those who want to impress their guests, you can even rent out the Hall for parties! That would be a night to remember for sure. Isn’t that music to your ears?

Cleveland Museum of Art – Beauty To Behold

Artsy types will have a lovely day exploring the Cleveland Museum of Art. The various exhibitions are always interesting, and new ones pop up regularly.

From photography to paintings, sculptures and stained glass, the artistry is eye-catching and impressive.

Special events held at the museum make for a nice afternoon or evening, and tours and lectures allow visitors to learn much more about the pieces displayed inside. You can even hold your own event at the museum, such as a wedding or work-related party.

The House From ‘A Christmas Story’ – Your Childhood Memories Made Real

Fans of the movie A Christmas Story must wonder what it would be like to see that house for themselves. The “what-ifs?” are over! You can go to the actual home where this film was shot; it’s in Cleveland.

All the memorabilia is in there, from that funny “leg lamp” to the old-time décor. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time, and all those childhood memories will come rushing back.

Folks love to take pics throughout the house. They make for fun moments and lifelong memories. “Ralphie” won’t be there, but his spirit lives on.

West Side Market – A Foodie’s Fun Zone

Hope you’re hungry! West Side Market is a mecca of all things food-related. The endless aisles of delicious treats can be enjoyed right there or packaged up to go.

From sweets to meats, seafood to specialty items, the freshness is at its peak and the prices are reasonable.

No matter your preference, you’ll find food to fill your pantry and plate at West Side Market. All sorts of cuisines are covered, and you’ll crave every kind.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo – An Animal Adventure

If you love animals of all kinds, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is the adventure of a lifetime. The species are aplenty, and you’ll learn so much as you love the animals even more than before.

Families love to bring the little ones to see the animals, and adults enjoy the experience all the same. Group visits are encouraged and educational programs allow people to get involved as they hear more about the various animals who live at the zoo.

There are places to dine throughout the day, so spend hours there and keep your energy up. Whether you’re a fan of rhinos or prefer snakes and sea creatures, you’ll see them all here at the spacious zoo.

The zoo staff is friendly and well-trained, and the animals are treated like they deserve to be.