There are countries all over the world that deserve to be visited as a holiday destination, but few are quite as overwhelmingly popular as Mexico.

There are so many wonderful aspects to this nation that allows us to escape everyday life and dive headfirst into a completely different environment. Today, we want to run through three of the best - although we really are just scraping the surface, here.

Why? Because it'd take a year and a half just to run through the names of the towns and cities alone. They're unlike anyone else over there, which is why they'll always have such a strong appeal.


The Beaches

Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun - it really doesn't matter, because you're likely to get a similarly fabulous experience at whichever Mexican beach you decide to visit over there.

There's white sand and crystal blue waters, in addition to a range of entertainment options that will always keep the party going long into the night.

The Culture

We've all seen the lucha libre wrestling and the vast array of colors stemming from their sense of style - mainly in the form of sombreros and ponchos.

Alas, the culture of this fine country cannot be described within a few measly sentences. From their parties to their national holidays, they take the bull by the horns in more ways than one.

You need to try out Day of the Dead, too.

The Food

The Mexicans tend to blend quite a lot of different things together in order to make up their national cuisine, and we aren't about to complain.

Enchiladas and tacos alone are enough to get us on board, but the sheer passion and velocity with which they cook their meals really is inspired. It's a bit hot for some and full of too much flavor for others, but all the same, it's still special.