There are plenty of different getaways for you to consider this winter period, because let's face it, we all need a bit of a change at this time of the year.

Instead of going for something conventional, though, we're suggesting an idea that's a bit 'out there' in the form of a trip overseas to the luxurious Caribbean.

The Weather

Wherever you are in the world, it's unlikely that it's going to be as warm as the Caribbean in the winter months.

Many of the nations and islands tend to reach the sort of heights that you'd expect to see in June and July - and that's including on Christmas day.


Some folks like bathing in the sunshine all year round, and we can't say that we blame them.

The People

There's something so delightful about heading to a new location and feeling completely at home - all because of how welcoming the locals are. Wherever you may be in the Caribbean, we can just about guarantee that's the vibe you're going to get.

They're helpful, they're charismatic, and they're always willing to give you tips and advice on how to make the most of your time. That doesn't happen every day.

The Variety

From Barbados to the Dominican Republic and beyond, there's quite literally no end to the possibilities regarding how many destinations you can visit.

With more than 700 islands and reefs to explore there's a very good chance that nobody reading this will ever get around to even half of these sweet spots.

Still, options are always a good thing for a winter break.