There are things about the rich and famous that we will never understand, and that includes the sorts of things that they often choose to spend their money on. We understand that money changes people, but why is it that it ends up changing them all into the sorts of people that buy exactly the sort of massive toys we would never bother with?

One of the big status symbols s the yacht, a giant ship that people end up buying to prove to those around them that they have made it. If they hadn't, how could they have possibly managed to spend this much money on what is essentially a luxury ship?

Well, what we want to do is bring together a bunch of reasons why owning a yacht isn't all it's cracked up to be, and we think that by the end of this list, the idea of a yacht may not appeal to people so much anymore.

So, is everyone ready to take a look at some celebrity yachts? Interested to see just why they might be more of a pain than we think? Well then, let's get started!

25 Leonardo DiCaprio's Rising Sun - seasickness is an issue

"It is loaded with luxuries from one end to the other, including a wine cellar and cinema." (MoneyInc)

Again, why would we want to spend our time under the deck when we could just as easily do that sort of thing back home without the seasickness, or the worry of sinking?

This guy is known for taking women onto his yachts, and while we're sure it's a good pull, we have to admit that we think they'd rather be on dry land.

24 Nicholas Cage's Sarita It's really just a large and very expensive toy

"There are also plenty of water toys on the Sarita, for his guests to play with out in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean; wherever they sail off to."(MoneyInc)

This points it out doesn't it, really? The fact that this man has loads of toys, contained inside his biggest toy!

If I'm honest, I'm worried that money really does just turn us all into big children. Maybe we shouldn't want this level of money if we're honest.

23 Beyonce's Galactica Star - Picking the ideal name is hard

"Galactica Star is the name of the super yacht owned by Beyoncé. This beautiful, 213-foot liner was built by Heesen Shipyard in the Netherlands." (MoneyInc)

We always knew that Beyonce struggled with naming stuff, what with the way that she has chosen to name her kids, but really, Galactica Star?

We would really struggle to be seen on this thing, knowing that it had a name like that!

22 David Beckham's Seafair - One usually isn't the Captain as well

"This a gorgeous super yacht with a unique body style, full and robust and looks commanding on the sea." (MoneyInc)

Even when this man is off dry land and on the sea, he has people commenting on how well he handles and carries himself  .

Seriously, with this level of fame, the world looks at everything you choose to do and buy as a message to the rest of the world.

21 Kendall Jenner's Axioma - it draws a lot of attention

"Her and her then boyfriend Harry Styles love the 236 foot Axioma and were often seen cruising the Caribbean on the beautifully designed luxury liner." (MoneyInc)

Looking forward to just hanging out on your yacht, on your own, nobody to worry about?

Well, the reality seems to be that once you're rich enough to own a yacht, you've probably reached the level of fame where relaxing on your own isn't really allowed.

20 Johnny Depp and Vajoliroja - Naming things after yourself

"The name 'Vajoliroja' comes from a combination of names in the Depp family: 'Va' for Vanessa Paradis his former girlfriend, 'jo' for Johnny’s own name, 'liro' after Depp’s daughter Lily Rose, and “ja” for Depp’s son Jack." (ArchitecturenDesign) One big reason that people will struggle to enjoy having a yacht, is that you will have to come up with a specific name for the individual ship, and as Depp has proved here,  some people just buy things so they can name them after themselves.

19 Nicolas Cage and his superyacht: Getting to the yacht once it has left the port

"His superyacht features two helipads, making it easy to access this ship from any location." (ArchitecturenDesign)

We don't know about you, but when we think of hanging out and enjoying ourselves in luxury, we don't think about people being able to literally land a helicopter right by where we are!

In a way, there's very little security on these sorts of things... Obviously you'd see it coming for the yacht from a mile off, but it's not like you'd have any way of stopping it from boarding!

18 Privacy is very limited

"Even though Tiger Woods’ life has been about struggling and he recently went through a divorce that was publicized in the gossip news channels, he still has the resources to own a yacht." (ArchitecturenDesign) We can only assume that there's a reason Woods decided to name his yacht Privacy, as he thought it would finally give him a chance to get away from the tabloids, but as we imagine he found out, these things aren't exactly great for privacy.

17 Sean “Diddy” Combs and The Maraya - problems with the staff

"This yacht features a projector screen, stage, and a party floor with a built-in bar on the top deck. This luxury $65 million yacht is so big that it requires 10 staff members on board." (ArchitecturenDesign)

We understand that if you have the sort of money to buy a yacht, you probably don't look after your money too much anyway, but does anyone else think ten staff members is a lot?

Think about all of the extra money you're going to be burning on the staff alone!

16 Richard Branson's Necker Belle - they can go pretty fast (and some don't know what to do with that)

"One of the fastest catamarans in the world is “Necker Belle,” owned by Richard Branson. It can travel up to 20 knots, and Branson hires it out to others for the cost of $100,000 per week." (ArchitecturenDesign)

We know that there are speed freaks out there, but this sounds like quite a worry to us. Rich people buy these things so that they can have a good time.

If you ask us, the combination of people having a good time, mixed with extreme speeds seen nowhere else, is a bad one! We're sure he's careful, but is he careful enough?!

15 Steve Jobs - They are hard to design!

"The yacht is built with glass features inspired by the Apple store designs, and it includes six bedrooms with a top-of-the-line electronic communication system." (ArchitecturenDesign)

When you end up spending so much on a single item, there's obviously going to be a certain amount of planning that goes into how it looks. We can't blame anyone for wanting to know that they're getting exactly what they want for such a huge amount of money!

Anybody who has seen this ship, inspired by the designs of Apple products, knows that this can go terribly wrong.

14 They aren't inconspicuous enough to hide from the press

"The 206-foot long vessel was designed by Benetti, and it includes every luxury you could imagine." (ArchitecturenDesign)

Believe it or not, but this man ended up having to hide out on his yacht from the press. We can't be the only ones who feel that this changes the whole atmosphere of getting to own a luxury yacht, right?

Yeah, it might seem all nice and luxurious at first, but when it's the only place you feel comfortable, it starts to get a little sad.

13 Calvin Klein's Vantage - it must be shared

"Klein is known for the celebrity parties held during the Cannes Film Festival, and many rich celebrities were invited to join the parties on board." (ArchitecturenDesign)

We know that these people choose to throw their own parties on these yachts, but do you think there's a chance that you'd feel obligated once you'd bought it?

Imagine having this massive luxury vehicle on the water and then not allowing your mates on it just because you think they'll end up trashing it! You wouldn't be very popular that's for sure.

12 CRN Mega Yachts' J’ade - it costs a lot more to have the same luxuries from home

"The first to feature a floating garage – was a finalist in the interior design award category. the ship was designed to feel at one with the sea as it boasts special full height windows." (ArchitecturenDesign) Honestly, it's when people have this level of money to throw around that they end up creating stuff that we never really needed. Who has ever been on a massive luxury yacht, annoyed that they didn't have somewhere onboard to park a smaller boat?

11 Steven Spielberg's Seven Seas - everything you could have at home, but on the water

"'Seven Seas' was built by Oceanco and the 86-meter ship features a cinema screen and an infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall." (ArchitecturenDesign)

When we're getting to the point where we can have a cinema and pool on a yacht, what's the point in even being on it?

Surely it's about being on the open ocean, not hiding away in a dark room to watch a movie! It's not like you could have the theatre on the deck, with the sun glaring off the screen or anything like that.

10 Bono's Cyan - not quite like home

"A great getaway when he needs some time to recover after a busy touring schedule." (ArchitecturenDesign)

At the end of the day, we don't understand why it's more calming to relax on a ship. Surely it's more worrying to be on something that is slowly rocking back and forth as you try to relax?

All we're saying is, when we come home after a long day of work, we like to know that the bed we're relaxing on can't sink at some point!

9 Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan's Topaz - design is limited

"The interior of the yacht has been kept private, leaving people to speculate about the luxuries that are contained on board." (ArchitecturenDesign)

If you ask us, this means that he probably doesn't have much worth seeing on the inside of this yacht.

Believe it or not, but people will not be able to stop obsessing about what you've got on your yacht, so it's about having the money to stock the yacht, as well as buy it.

8 Eric Clapton's Va Bene - previously owned

"This yacht is called “Va Bene” and it was previously owned by Bernie Ecclestone." (ArchitecturenDesign)

Is it just us, or does it seem pretty weird that this yacht is second-hand? For some reason, it takes away a lot of the glamor of the situation to know that this luxury ship wasn't bought straight out, brand new.

Maybe that's just us, but the fact that we'd have to buy one of these things second-hand definitely changes the fantasy for us!

7 Nicole Kidman's Hokulani - room for guests, but no chance to get away from them

"With a a master stateroom, VIP double stateroom, and several twin cabins, there is plenty of space to host guests on board." (ArchitecturenDesign)

We all know that it can be annoying to have people over from time to time, which is why it's great to always have an excuse handy at all times, just in case we're not in the mood and still want to be polite.

When you've got a yacht this big, you've never got an excuse, because it's pretty much impossible to not have enough room for guests!

6 Roberto Cavalli's Baglietto - taking flashy a bit too far

"His yacht incorporates a blend of colors on the side of the ship, that melts from gold, orange, red, purple, blue, and finally to green." (ArchitecturenDesign) Okay, so we know that the whole point of things like this are to look big and flashy, but there is a chance that you can take it way too far! If you're not careful, nobody will stop you from creating one of the most expensive pieces of gaudy rubbish anyone has ever set their eyes on!