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Located in East Durham, Zoom Flume is one if not the best water park in New York City. The attraction is two hours north of New York City and one hour south of Albany. Lying in the Catskills Mountains, Zoom Flume offers multiple play areas for adults and children.

The landmark also incorporates a decent gastronomic touch through its snack bars that serve burgers, pizza, hotdogs, and sandwiches. Accessible to everyone, the park guarantees relaxation, excitement, and fun for people of all ages. Tourists and locals flock to the park in droves, and here's why.


What You Need To Know About Zoom Flume

Nestled in the scenic northern Catskills Mountains, Zoom Flume Water Park resonates with many travelers as one of the top-rated water parks. Its location sets it perfectly close for a day trip and far enough for an unforgettable respite from the everyday megalopolis bustle.

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The water park features dozens of slides catering to the public by incorporating a blend of daring challenges with calm exhilarating adventures. The top water slides that make a trip to the park unforgettable include the famous Grand Prix Splashway and the Mighty Anaconda Plunge.

Zoom Flume also offers good free parking spaces ideal for families. To further cater to kids' munchies, the park has a snack bar that serves various snacks, including burgers. The water park also provides plenty of seating areas for relaxing while passing the time or eating.

What To Do At The Zoom Flume Water Park

There are multiple things to explore in Zoom Flume, from trying out the wild water slides to staying in the amazing cabanas in the park. Tourists hop from one water attraction to another, trying out the numerous activities in store for them.

One of the prominent attractions to try out is the Canyon Plunge which takes tourists down a steep plunge straight into the canyon. This slide's riders must have a minimum height of 42 inches.

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Not far from the Canyon Plunge is the Grand Prix Splashway, a three-lane body slide featuring big hops with dramatic drops. Travelers enjoy these slides with their families and friends by racing down the structure. Riders of the Grand Prix Splashway must have a minimum height of 48 inches to ride it.

Another slide worth exploring in the park is the Rip Van Racer. As the name insinuates, this 316-foot dual mat slide features a drop of 35.6 feet that races guests by barreling them through twists and turns.

Zoom Flume Water Slide, the park's eponymous attraction, features twists and turns that wind tourists through the slide before splashing them down into the canyon. Riders must be over 42 inches tall to ride the slide.

To bring a Wild West experience to its guests, Zoom Flume incorporates the Wild Water West feature, a themed shallow pool area with artsy structures. The area also has interactive water fountains and a small water slide to cater to kids.

Another fantastic spot for toddlers and young visitors to explore is the Pelican Pond. The pond also features a shallow pool with interactive water fountains. Guests must be below 42 inches to enjoy the water attraction.

To spice things up, Zoom Flume also has an iconic artsy slide known as the Black Vortex. This slide takes visitors through an enclosed tube packed with twists and turns. There are various conditions tourists need to meet to ride the slide, which include a minimum height of 36 inches and a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

Thrill Hill is another exciting water slide to try in the park, as it caters to visitors less enthusiastic about large splashes but still packs plenty of excitement. The water Attraction is limited to guests who weigh less than 100 pounds.

Zoom Flume caps off its multitude of water attractions with its magnificent Typhoon Twister, a bowl slide that takes tourists through twists and turns, culminating in a mighty splash in the canyon. Riders trying the slide must be over 48 inches with a maximum weight of 225 pounds. Other attractions around the park include Lazy River, Wild River, Lagoon Activity Pool, and the Riptide Cove Wave Pool.

  • Charges: (Eight years and above): $38.99; Online Price: $36.99

(Three to seven years): $31.99; Online Price: $29.9

(Two years and below): Free

  • Operating Hours: Opened from June 18 to September 5, 10 am – 6 pm daily

The Dos And Don'ts Of Visiting Zoom Flume

There are several things travelers ought to consider when visiting the water park. A good tip is carrying a bathing suit. Younger visitors must wear swimsuits or swimming diapers since regular diapers are prohibited.

Travelers are allowed to visit the attraction carrying their footwear. However, visitors should take off their shoes when exploring the multiple water attractions in the park for safety purposes.

Several things are prohibited in the park, including alcohol and glass containers. Outside food is also not allowed in the park unless the guests have allergies, are under severe dietary restrictions, or are infants. In such exceptions, the food must fit in sandwich-size bags.

Lying a few miles from the Big Apple, Zoom Flume is accessible by road and rail. Here are ways travelers can get to the attraction with no hassle.

  • Bus: Takes 2hr 22 min
  • Train: Takes 3hr 24 min

Visiting the Zoom Flume should be on the list if looking for things to do in NYC. The water park features numerous water slides with multiple exciting activities to explore. Therefore, tourists must add this site to their travel list when exploring the metropolis. Additionally, the cabanas featured in the park offer apt accommodations for travelers.