Unlike the more popular countries like the United States of America (USA) that are always on international TV, either on the news or for some other reason, countries like Poland are much quieter countries. That doesn't mean it doesn't have its wonders within its borders.

Located on the Oder River of western Poland is the city of Wroclaw. This city is famous for many things, two of which are its majestic townhouses and modern fountain. You may be thinking, that sounds boring. However, when you are through reading, only then will you know that you don't need a reason to visit Wroclaw.


Interesting Places to Visit

You are now in Wroclaw, Poland and you are thinking, what do I do? Where can I go? You're looking for someplace interesting. Well, look no more because you just found it. Below we will discuss some must-visit places in Wroclaw.

The Great Escape Tour From Wroclaw

The title of this tour is enough to keep you hooked. Escape equals freedom and who doesn't like freedom? This tour takes you back to the horrors of World War II as tourists explore the German prison camp Stalag Luft 3 and the most brazen prisoner of war jailbreak during World War II. This tour features the tunnels used for the escape called Tom, Dick, and Harry, respectively of which a legion of 600 men dug in secret preparing for their escape. After a full year of digging, a total of 76 prisoners decided to take their chances through the Harry tunnel on the night of the 24th of March 1944. While this escape was short-lived as 73 of the prisoners were recaptured during the pursuit. An angered Hitler ordered that 50 of them be killed. For 3 prisoners, this was worth it. To find out more about the story, the Great Escape tour has you covered.

Need To Know

  • The duration of this tour is 8 hours
  • Mobile tickets are accepted
  • For a full refund, visitors need to cancel their trip 24 hours before the tour date
  • The price for the tour is $104.90
  • Light snacks are served
  • The tour is available only in English

History lovers will find this tour alluring as this is a major historical landmark in Wroclaw and is of historical importance to the people.

Wroclaw Old Town Tour

During this tour, visitors get to see the heart of this city accompanied by a tour guide. This tour sees tourists through the main market square of Wroclaw where they can see the townhouses of the famous Hansel and Gretel. This tour is a fantastic walkthrough of Wroclaw's history as it also features the Jatki, which is a really old slaughterhouse. It’s pretty much medieval stuff. Visitors also get to see areas of old that were used as a punishing ground for criminals.

Need To Know

  • The duration of this tour is 2 hours
  • Mobile tickets are accepted
  • For a full refund, visitors need to cancel their trips 24 hours before the tour date
  • The fee for this tour is $20 per adult
  • The tour is in small groups of 10

After an intense 8-hour tour you must be hungry, it might interest you to know that the city of Wroclaw is home to a variety of sumptuous dishes and snacks. So, it's safe to say that you are in luck. Below are some foods that will keep you going for more while in Wroclaw.

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Dishes To Try In Wroclaw


This Polish soup is often taken for dinner in Wroclaw. This soup is prepared in different styles so it is up to you to find your preference. The basic ingredients of this soup are pork, special polish sausages, potatoes, eggs, and various vegetables. This meal is indeed a delight and is a must-try while in Wroclaw.


This meal is a delicacy and is a dish local to the people of Wroclaw. The beauty of this dish is that can be prepared in various ways. The different forms of Pierogi are prepared with any of the following: mushrooms, cheese, meat, potato, cabbage, and spinach. The Pierogi has a delicious taste and is a meal you shouldn't miss while in Wroclaw.

People who travel a lot don't just travel for the ride or sightseeing. The majority of these trips are made to witness and experience the culture of the people of which the kind of meals they eat speaks a lot about the way of life of a people.

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Is Wroclaw Expensive To Visit?

With all the wonders to see and sumptuous meals to try, Wroclaw is not that expensive to visit as statistics show that tourists and visitors spend a total of $27 per day in the city of Wroclaw. Travelers and tourists alike have spent a sum of $9.12 for food per day and $4.90 for transport fare. In Wroclaw, the basic hotel fee is $26 per couple, thus making a one-week trip cost an average of $384. That is reasonably affordable when compared to the amount of money spent weekly in some other places.

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