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Topkapi Palace is one of the most famous and fascinating buildings in Turkey. Located on the east of Fatih District, it's a magnificent structure that has been around for centuries. While many know about Topkapi Palace because of its history as an imperial structure, there are plenty of reasons why tourists should visit this historical site. Here’s more about the palace that travelers planning to visit this amazing city should know.

Why Topkapi Palace Is Famous

The Topkapi Palace was built by Sultan Mehmed II from 1460 to 1478. And what makes it popular is its architecture. The complex has five main parts: First Court, Second Court, Harem, Third Court, Imperial Treasury, and Fourth Court. It also includes other smaller buildings and facilities such as mosques, baths, caravanserais, and bazaars.


The palace was built in the shape of a crescent, with the palace at the center and two outlying buildings at each end. It is located on Seraglio Point, overlooking both the Bosphorus Strait and the Marmara Sea. There are also three main gates that enter the complex.

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The Topkapi Palace is also a top attraction in Instabul for its originality and location. Most of what stands today is from the 15th and 16th centuries. Topkapi Palace has been renovated several times and has kept its originality for five centuries. The building is located in the Fatih district, which is a popular tourist attraction.

The palace also has some interesting history behind it. During WWII, when Hitler invaded Greece, he had a plan to send his forces south toward Constantinople/Istanbul, where they would meet less resistance from the Turkish army. However, Hitler’s generals changed his mind. They argued that the mission could not succeed because his air force couldn't get through there due to bad weather conditions. And that explains why so many people think that Topkapi Palace is haunted.

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Why Tourists Should Visit Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is a must-see for tourists. It's stunning and among the most famous palaces in Istanbul, with over 400 rooms, including many that have been altered over time. The Ottoman period lasted from 1299 to 1922 when the Sultanate was abolished by the Young Turks and replaced by an autocracy called The Republic of Turkey.

The palace complex includes a number of different buildings, such as a mosque built in 1520, several pavilions, and towers that were added after 1600. A European-style house built in the late16th century is another top tourist attraction. This type of building became popular among sultans because they could enjoy western luxuries.

Topkapi Palace is a source of valuable historical information. According to historians, the palace was built due to various reasons. Since the land was sacred, it was a popular place for the people to gather. During this time, only the Ottoman sultans claimed ownership of the land. So, it was built in order to showcase and promote their status as sultans.

How To Get To Topkapi Palace

The palace is located near Sultanahmet, a district in the European part of Istanbul. To get there from the city, visitors have to take bus 18 or 19 from the Golden Horn and get off at Sultanahmet. The Topkapi Palace is a short walk away from this stop. If travelers want to get there from the famous Istiklal Street and Taksim Square, it’s advisable to take any bus that goes to Haliç. Then, tourists should get off at the Topkapi stop. The palace is a short walk away from it.

Tips For Staying Safe When Visiting Topkapi Palace

There are a couple of safety measures to observe when visiting Topkapi Palace. For instance, visitors should stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times. Keeping an eye on who is approaching and trying to stay in public areas whenever possible is encouraged. If tourists have children with them, it is advisable to avoid crowded areas.

Tourists can expect long queues if visiting during the peak season. So something every visitor shouldn't miss in Instabul is to pre-purchase tickets online or avoid peak hours by visiting before 10 am or after 3 pm.

Another underrated but equally important thing is that vacationers should always carry a map of Topkapi Palace. That way, if they get lost or separated from colleagues, they'll be able to pinpoint the exact location and quickly leave the area.

Vacationers should never carry large sums of money or any valuable items around the neck. To be safe, guests should avoid attracting attention by all means. If they must carry something valuable, they need to make sure nobody can see it.

Travelers should also avoid carrying unnecessary luggage. If it’s a must to bring a bag of any kind, a guest should keep it close at all times. Another thing, visitors should avoid taking photographs that may be taken out of context, such as in the back of the crowd. Keeping the camera at the ready and close is good practice.

Any tourist with a chance to visit Topkapi Palace should not miss the opportunity. This amazing palace was built on top of a hill in the heart of Istanbul. It has become one of the most visited sites in Turkey. The entire complex consists of several main buildings, including a huge mosque and other facilities such as hospitals, prisons, and schools.