St. Vincent is a vacationers' paradise as it flaunts some of the most magnificent scenery in the Caribbean. The perfectly formed string of islands scattered throughout the sea is richly endowed with palm-lined bays, white sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters. St. Vincent's thrilling water sports and paradisical destinations attract yachters and wealthy individuals who love indulgent living. From beautiful views of La Soufriere Mountain to luxurious resorts, here are ten reasons St. Vincent is a dream Caribbean destination.

10 Extra Ordinary Hiking And Excursion

St. Vincent offers picturesque trails, unique landscapes, forests, and beautiful gardens to explore. The Mesopotamia Valley presents a colorful and graceful nature perfect for photography. Additionally, strolling through the Montreal Gardens leads to mesmerizing labyrinths of different flora. Challenge seekers can embark on a thrilling journey of climbing La Soufriere Volcano, but they should be appropriately dressed and in the company of a licensed tour guide. Also, nature lovers looking for spectacular scenery can undertake a Buccament Valley hike where they enjoy a rich array of wildlife, including Parrots, hummingbirds, and the Green Herron.

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9 Experiencing Bequia

Tourists visiting the island love to pass by Port Elizabeth and Admiralty Bay, which is a famous commercial center. History buffs may stop by Bequia Maritime Museum to learn about the island's remarkable history. Visitors will also love Firefly Plantation, where they can sample tropical fruits such as guava, breadfruit, bananas, coconuts, and mangoes.

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8 Petit St. Vincent

Petit St. Vincent is a privately owned island that harbors Petit St. Vincent Resort, where guests are accommodated in magnificent ocean-facing villas scattered around bays and hillsides. The island adopted an old-fashioned method of using colored flags to convey messages, eliminating phones and televisions to preserve tranquility. The location is popular among tourists seeking a serene environment for meditation and soul rejuvenation.

7 Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau

Salt Whistle Bay is a small island that is famous due to its beautiful Bay and white sand beach. But it can only be accessed by boat. Yachters regularly visit this place for the sunbathing experience or to buy souvenirs from local vendors. The beautiful island has a single road that leads to a small village with breathtaking ocean views and Tobago cays.

6 Experiencing The Spectacular Mustique Island

Mustique island is a unique island in St. Vincent, Famous for its unique nature and popularity amongst celebrities. The island is encircled by healthy coral reefs and inhabits diverse wildlife such as tortoises, herons, and iguanas. The island's Macaroni beach offers a perfect opportunity for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, diving, and kayaking. Mustique features luxurious cottages and outstanding customer service.

5 Kingstown

St. Vincent's capital, Kingston, is not only a top attraction site in the Caribbean but also a gateway to other highlands. History buffs visit the island to explore cobblestone streets and ancient buildings installed by the colonialists, such as the St. Vincent churches. Tourists also come to tour St. George's Anglican Cathedral, a Georgian-style architectural structure built in 1802, and St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, which assumes the Roman style. Meanwhile, travelers visit Kingstown's large market, where fresh vegetables and fruits are found. They also get the opportunity to enjoy street food and coconut juice.

4 St. Vincent Botanic Gardens

Located in Kingstown, St. Vincent Botanic Gardens is the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. Founded in 1765, this Garden is famous amongst visiting historians due to its crucial role during the development of British colonialism. The Garden teaches them how botanists studied plants such as black pepper and breadfruit, which were later moved to colonies worldwide. Meanwhile, St. Vincent Botanic Gardens features exotic trees, parrots, and sweet-smelling plants. Guests visit the Garden to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and escape the intense sun of the Caribbean.

3 Union And Palm Islands

Union Island offers a peaceful and relaxed environment for visiting tourists. The destination is popular among scuba divers and tourists who are boating or preparing to sail. The island is well-endowed with lush inland vegetation, ideal for hikes. On the other hand, palm island is home to a wide range of wild animals, including turtles, geckos, lizards, mockingbirds, herons, gulls, osprey, pigeons, and land crabs. Tourists can seek accommodation at Palm Island and Resort Spa, which features restaurants, a swimming pool, and a gym.

2 Baleine Falls

Baleine Falls is located north of St. Vincent, offering visitors an adventurous experience. The falls landing into an enormous pond are approximately 60 feet high and can only be accessed by boat. A boat trip toward the waterfall rewards visitors with breathtaking views of marine animals such as dolphins. Furthermore, the picturesque nature of Baleine Falls allows tourists to capture incredible memories. Swimming enthusiasts also use the opportunity to swim under this incredible waterfall.

1 St. Vincent's Rich Culture And Language

St. Vincent is home to rich historical heritage and culture, attracting historians, sociologists, and culture buffs from around the world. Tourists search for knowledge reflected in carvings such as Layou Petroglyphs, Fort Charlotte, and other ancient carvings and constructions signifying the origin of Kingstown, St. Vincent.