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In the world of travel, Egypt is indisputably a Mecca. For those who love history, the North African country provides an inexhaustible feast that’s only comparable to Athens, Rome, or—to an extent—Istanbul. But there’s also delectable food and a dozen other attractions in this cradle of Western Civilization. One of these is Siwa Oasis, popular allure tourists don’t seem to get enough of. And for good reasons.

One of the features that draw tourists to Siwa is the uniqueness of its Oasis. To be honest, seeing the oasis itself, without its unique qualities, would more than make for a memorable adventure. But Siwa Oasis is not just any other oasis. In this article, we unmask one of Egypt’s underrated treasures whose waters one can effortlessly float on—without any pushing or gliding.


Here’s What Siwa Oasis In Egypt Is Known For

Siwa Oasis is made up of a small community and boasts several attractions, even if it’s really not a bustling town like Cairo. However, the main attraction here are the salt pools. Excitingly, these are not one or two—but hundreds. The unique thing with these salt pools is the inability to sink. This is because of the high salt concentrations—and not some priceless anti-drowning feature. No words can describe the thrilling experience of floating in the pools in the same manner an eagle would soar in the air without flapping its lordly wings. Of course, even this will call for some nerve and composure. But this ethereal experience, like many of life’s joys—belongs to those who’ll dare.

Of course, contrary to what other people may promise, the assertion that people can actually stand or even walk on water—like one of the Biblical stories about Jesus—is an exaggeration. Or maybe no one has just tried it. The truth about Siwa Oasis is that once a person dips into the water, he or she will feel like the limbs are being pushed up by some inexplicable natural force. One also feels like the body is light, probably the same way astronauts like Neil Armstrong— feel when they walk on the moon. The floating experience is so relaxing and calming that many will want to be in the state for hours. Of course, that’s not advisable.

  • How Far Is Siwa Oasis From Cairo? While the distance of Siwa Oasis from Cairo is 562 kilometers (about 349 miles), the actual driving distance is about 747 kilometers (464 miles).

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Here’s Why You Can’t Sink At Siwa Oasis

As we’ve said, people cannot sink in Siwa Oasis because of the high salt concentrations. For those who’ve been to the Dead Sea, it’s the same thrilling experience. Some may wonder why they can’t have the same experience in the United States since the ocean waters are just as salty. The reason is that the salt concentrations at the Siwa pools are way higher than in typical ocean waters. While the actual concentration levels may not be as clear-cut or definite due to the high number of pools, all with different concentration levels, the salt concentration levels at the Dead Sea may be indicative of the levels in the Siwa pools. And for perspective, the waters in the Dead Sea have a salt concentration of about 31%, that’s more than ten times that of a standard ocean.

So here’s what takes place. The high salt concentrations increase the water’s buoyancy, described as the upward force that fluids exert on objects. The density of the water also goes up, again due to the salt content. These twin factors are the special floating agents responsible for making visitors recline leisurely on the surface of the water as if reading a Harry Porter novel.

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Other Fascinating Details About Siwa Oasis

There are details about the pools at Siwa Oasis that one will want to know. These include the deep the pools actually are. The truth is that these pools are quite many—literally hundreds—and how deep they are will obviously vary from pool to pool. Still, for those who want a figure to work with, these pools are about four meters deep. That’s on average. And aside from these world-famous pools, there are other attractions in the area. The Shali Fortress, located right at the heart of Siwa Town, is unique for its age—as well as the material used to construct the structures. About nine hundred years ago, Egyptian builders used clay saturated with salt to erect beautiful structures whose durability is truly unbelievable.

There’s also Cleopatra’s Springs, one of the best natural pools in Egypt—and the Temple of the Oracle—which dates back to the 6th Century BC. As one can readily see, Siwa teems with incredible wonders travelers will not only find fascinating but enjoyable as well. The famous oasis is an exciting must-see.