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Lake Tahoe is a well-known travel destination, straddling the border between California and Nevada. The area offers recreation in all seasons, from swimming and watersports in the summer to snow play in the winter.

The thing about Tahoe, though, is that it can get expensive. From epic luxury resorts to the myriad activities there are to partake in (and pay for), a visit to Tahoe can require some careful budgeting.

The good news is, for travelers with a less-than-Tahoe budget, there are amazing alternatives not far away. One example? Nearby Silver Lake is a significantly cheaper yet still beautiful destination with plenty to offer in the way of camping, swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking.


It's only 20 miles from South Lake Tahoe, so the setting doesn't change much, though the crowds will dissipate, and Silver Lake feels much more tranquil than its larger neighbor. For anyone looking to connect with nature and really get away from it all, Silver Lake might be the ideal destination.

Silver Lake Is Nestled Among The Sierra Nevadas

Visiting in the summertime, it's hard to picture Silver Lake with five feet of snow and inches-thick ice. Because in summer, the 525-acre lake, which is nestled in among the Sierra Nevada mountains, is oh-so-inviting in the hot weather.

It's significantly smaller than Lake Tahoe, but its tucked-away location makes it an ideal stopping point for outdoor adventures without as many crowds.

Part of the reason it's so appealing in the dog days of summer? The fact that Silver Lake's water is melted snow. In fact, you can see nearby peaks that offer up their winter coats, and the water itself is crisp and refreshing.

Visitors can bring a boat (and even jet skis), launch from the highway-side boat ramp, and adventure all day for practically pennies. There's also a nearby resort to stay at for visitors who are craving something of a Tahoe experience; the convenience without the cost.

And unlike many lakes in California, this reservoir is not potable water, so it's the perfect place to take a dip and cool off. Plus, the best part is that it's cheap and, for the most part, undeveloped — a stark contrast to any shore of Tahoe.

Cost And Tips For Visiting Silver Lake

When visiting for the day at Silver Lake, drivers can park for free in some spots (prepare for a hike) or pay a budget-friendly $5 fee in the boat ramp-adjacent parking lot.

Come early for the best odds at scoring a nearby spot, but consider parking a bit farther depending on the planned arrival time or whether adventurers have five bucks in cash — it's low-tech in this area of the Sierra Nevadas, so parking fees are paid via envelope at a kiosk.

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The highlight of Silver Lake may be its low price point, especially for boaters or jet skiers looking for a quick and cheap way to get into a body of water. But there's more to Silver Lake than its cost, specifically, its scenic views — including an 'island' in the middle of the lake.

Treasure Island is a perfect picnic spot for boaters and kayakers, though it's not a developed area with campsites.

Start off the day at the boat ramp, which is right off Highway 88 (Carson Pass Hwy), for easy water access. Or, pop over to Ferguson Point for a shady retreat farther from the wake zone. Even better, pack light and traverse the western edge of the lake, where huge boulders offer great views and convenient fishing access for those so inclined.

Stay At A Nearby Resort For Convenient Silver Lake Access

Two resorts at the southernmost tip of Silver Lake offer comfortable accommodations and equipment rentals — it's BYOB when it comes to powered crafts, though.

Plasse's Resort Offers Tent & RV Camping

  • Location: 30001 Plasse Rd, Pioneer CA 95666
  • Cost: Tent sites start at $40/day, boat launch fees $18/day
  • Canoes, kayaks, and SUPs available for rent
  • Website: Plasse's Resort

Camp Cabins Are Available At Stockton Family Camp

  • Location: 29971 Plasse Road, Pioneer, CA 9566
  • Cost: Cabins start at $121 per night on weeknights, $148.50/night on weekends
  • Website: Stockton Family Camp

Is Silver Lake Worth Visiting?

For anyone planning a trip to Tahoe for nature and adventure, a stop-off in Silver Lake makes perfect sense. Travelers who prefer to head off the beaten path will also love Silver Lake for its small size, local feel, and less touristy personality.

Admittedly, Silver Lake does have far fewer hiking trails than Tahoe, and none as breathtaking as the Tahoe Rim Trail, but hikers can get their adrenaline fix on various trails like Shealor Lake, Granite Lake, Lake Margaret, Thunder Mountain, Meiss Lake, and Frog Lake.

Of course, stopping at Silver Lake is just one option; Kirkwood Ski Resort is less than a ten-minute drive from the shores of Silver Lake. Summertime trips to Kirkwood may not involve snow, but they do involve hiking, biking, and disc golf.

If that's not enough outdoor entertainment, Tahoe is only an hour away, which means visitors can do both if they have enough energy!