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Winter is undoubtedly one of the best times to explore the capital of Arizona. Phoenix enjoys some of the best temperatures in Winter, and while other cities are covered in snow, it is bearable to spend some time outside in the Arizona capital. Recognized for having the largest number of sunny days, top-notch restaurants, and incredible opportunities for outdoor lovers, spending a vacation in Phoenix in winter is the best way of escaping the ''frozen blankets'' in other cities. Planning a winter vacation to Phoenix? This is why Arizona's capital is the best place to be.


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What Kind Of Weather To Expect In Winter In Phoenix?

When planning a winter vacation to Phoenix, many travelers want to know the kind of weather to expect. Not only does this help them know when it is going to be cold or hot, but also what to include in their packing list. It is important to note that the city experiences variations in temperatures throughout the day, but it is generally mild. Phoenix’s high temperatures averages at 20-24.4 degrees Celsius, and its lows average at 6.7°C-10.6°C. Rainfall is very minimal, and travelers may only experience an inch or less on average in a month.

Winter Is The Perfect Time For Hiking In Phoenix

Any time during the day in Winter is always great for good hiking in Phoenix. With more than 40,000 acres of park and preserve land, hiking enthusiasts have miles of trails to explore. From Camelback Mountain to Piestewa Peaks to some of the easiest routes, hiking is one of the most impressive adventure opportunities travelers are going to relish when having a Phoenix winter vacation. Because winter is when most visitors plan their trips to the Valley of the Sun, it is important to visit the parks very early in the day to avoid crowds, and to enjoy cooler temperatures, as it gets hotter later in the day. One can also choose to hang out, wait for sunset, and enjoy incredible sunset views. Phoenix is known for having some of the best sunset views. Get there early and take advantage of the many photo opportunities.

Visit The Gorgeous Desert Botanic Gardens

Located in Papago Park, the Desert Botanic Gardens is one of the best places to be when touring Phoenix in winter. Covering 140 acres, this garden hosts the world's most impressive collection of arid plants from deserts around the globe. The desert garden also hosts many interesting events to look up to. The Las Noches de las Luminarias is one of the most impressive events happening in winter. The event features 800 hand-lit Luminaria bags followed by hot cocoa and incredible musical performance. This gorgeous garden is actually one of Phoenix's best-hidden gems - and is worth every penny and time spent exploring it.

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Hike One Of Phoenix’s Most Photographed Landmarks, Superstition Mountain

Superstition is undoubtedly gorgeous - no wonder it is one of the most photographed landmarks in the city. The mountain's desert environment is mind-blowing, and exploring it would definitely be fulfilling. Lost Dutchman State Park is located right at the foot of Superstitions and is brimming with incredible hiking trails for exploring the wilderness as well as the bordering Tonto National Forest. One of the hiking trails to hike is the Native Plant Trail, covering just about a quarter-mile. The trail is impressive and features beautiful desert plants – travelers will see other people hiking the routes.

Go Shopping At An Outdoor Mall

No one wants to visit a place and leave without taking time to do some shopping, and fortunately, Phoenix is brimming with incredible outdoor shopping malls. One of the places not to miss is Biltmore Fashion Park. Because of its incredible history, this park is known as the ''crown jewel'', and has been a major shopping destination for many years. Located in the heart of Phoenix city center is the Arizona Center, a magnificent shopping mall boasting fantastic scenery and several goodies that are nothing but a feast for the eyes.

Visit One Of The City’s Famous Golf Courses

Golfing is incredible in Phoenix in winter as the weather is splendid, and the city is brimming with fascinating courses to choose from. Arizona's capital is on the list of the world's most impressive golf destinations, thanks to its courses like the Troon North Golf Club. This golf course is praised for its breathtaking venue, featuring two Monument and the Pinnacle golf courses. Another golf club to check out in winter is the Grayhawk Gold Club, hosting two golf courses. The courses, namely Talon and Raptor, were constructed by Tom Frazio, a former architect. Golfing is one of the most interesting things to do in Phoenix in winter.

Join The Locals In Celebrating The World Lantern Festival

This is one of the best festivals to look forward to when planning a visit to the Valley of the Sun in winter. The festival brings together the Chinese tradition of lantern festivals and modern lights and technology. Many different cultures from around the world are represented at the festival. Other than enjoying the many colors and lights on display, one can get through the impressive carnival rides. Participating in this festival is a must-do when touring Phoenix in winter, and it’s an experience every traveler will stay to remember.

Phoenix is a winter wonderland, and planning a vacation there is the best thing to do.