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Mount Trashmore, located near Virginia Beach, is a world-renown scientific marvel. Standing at 60 feet high and stretching over 800 feet long, this park is an environmental achievement considering it was once an abandoned landfill.

Mount Trashmore is the most frequented park in Virginia, featuring two mountains, two lakes, a skate park, exercise stations, and numerous playgrounds. It is a destination like no other, and visitors worldwide come to marvel at the wonders of this landmark-turned eco-park. Here are reasons why every tourist should visit Mount Trashmore.


The Public Place-Making Of Mount Trashmore

Though many tourists visit Mount Trashmore every year, few know about the landmark's history. The once abandoned landfill was converted into a public eco-park in 1974. Stretching about 165 acres, the park was created through a special process involving layers of fine soil compacted with solid waste.

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What makes Mount Trashmore special is its two hills literally made from the trash as its foundation. This came after it became clear that the pile of solid waste would no longer continue to creep up near Virginia Beach, a headache to urban and regional planners. As a result, the landfill was converted into an eco-friendly recreational park. As knowledge of waste management improves, Mount Trashmore Park raises the bar higher in innovation. The mountain's base naturally emits methane gas and is designed with hollow poles jammed deep into the mountain to release the gas in a synchronized manner.

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The park hosts a variety of landscapes and gardens that guarantee a lot of bird traffic all year round. In addition, the north side of Mount Trashmore boasts evergreen and deciduous trees inside the park and multi-use paths serving as a good spot for a morning jog. Registering as the park with the most visitors in Virginia, the conversion of Mount Trashmore from a landfill to an eco-park is a success story.

Fun Activities At Mount Trashmore Park

Hanging out in a landfill sounds alien, but Mount Trashmore Park makes this easy and possible. When planning a trip to Mount Trashmore, think about aesthetic surroundings and family-friendly activities. For tourists in Virginia looking for things to do, here are a few to try at Mount Trashmore Park.

Go Skateboarding At Skate Park

Virginia is a big skateboarding town, and Mount Trashmore Park accommodates the sport. Skate Park in Mount Trashmore is an excellent spot for skating enthusiasts to show off their skill and flair. Featuring fancy skate ramps and the euphoric energy of participants, Skate Park is always brimming with activity. The 24,000-square-foot facility is excellent for BMX riders, inline skateboarders, and professional skateboarders. Additionally, beginners wanting to have fun are not left behind, as they can consult skating tutors who offer interactive lessons.

Opened in 2003, Skate Park is free for all, but one must sign up for safety reasons in case of an accident in the arena. Famous skateboarder Collin Graham has been spotted at this skating arena.

  • Hours Open: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Have Fun At The Lake

Mount Trashmore Park is home to two lakes, Lake Windsor and Lake Trashmore, both a hub for sporting activities. Lake Windsor is the popular spot between the two, thanks to its ability to facilitate kayaking. With the car parking spots located just a few meters away, all visitors have to do is change into gear and drop the kayak in the late to get started with the fun journey.

Luckily, fishing is permitted at Mount Trashmore Park, and all required is a Virginia fishing license. Trashmore Lake is a deep, 52-acre freshwater lake home to various fish such as sunfish, white perch, and largemouth bass. Activities on the lake, such as swimming, kayaking, or wading, are prohibited at Trashmore Lake.

The two lakes offer stunning views for groups of tourists looking to have a picnic. Mount Trashmore Park has 11 picnic spots where visitors can bring their lunch and make merry with friends and family. Most picnic shelters feature a charcoal grill, mini-shelters, and ample space, making visitors feel comfortable as they dig into a homemade feast.

Kids Cove

Kids Cove is the best place to be for tourists planning to travel with kids. At about 26,000 square feet, the cove features handicap-accessible walkways, multiple slides, and three structures built on rubber surfaces to ensure kids' safety. For adults, swings for all ages and more picnic areas to relax while watching the kids play. Kids Cove is a must-visit for tourists with a family.

Hotels Near Mount Trashmore Park

Virginia Beach is dotted with hundreds of hotels, making visitors near Mount Trashmore have difficulties choosing which one suits their budget. The good news is that there is always a hotel for every price range. Days Inn by Wyndham Virginia Beach is a perfect example of a cozy hotel where guests can lie down after an eventful day at Mount Trashmore. Boasting a prime location and decent amenities for its price, guests can enjoy ocean-facing guestrooms with large queen-size beds.

  • Location: 1000 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach
  • Price Per Night: From $189 per person

For a more luxurious and splurge-worthy stay, tourists can consider The Historic Cavalier Hotel & Beach Club. The hotel offers a variety of amenities, including a private beach, a 6,200-square-foot-spa, tennis courts, and tastefully furnished suites. Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor have been spotted in this luxurious hotel.

  • Location: 4200 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach
  • Price Per Night: $399 to $549 per person

Tourists can't get enough of this unique park in Virginia Beach, thanks to the array of adventure experiences it offers. The best time to visit Mount Trashmore is during the morning, as the place is less crowded, and visitors get a chance to have a bird-watching experience. Mount Trashmore is a must-visit destination in a traveler's summer plans.