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Recognized for its beautiful greenery and scenic views, Martinique is an island located amidst the Caribbean archipelago and is lauded as the most eye-catching vacation destination in the Caribbean. The Atlantic Ocean is located on its eastern side, washing against its stunning shores, and the Caribbean Sea is lapping its western coast. The northern side is covered by a luxurious tropical forest. Travelers can engage in lots of outdoor activities in this region. For those looking for beautiful white-sandy beaches, clear waters, and magnificent coconut palms, the southern side of Martinique is brimming with opportunities. This is why Martinique island is worth visiting over any other.


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The Best Time To Explore Martinique

The tropical climate of the island is most interesting in fall and winter, from November to March. The rainy season occurs in summer and spring, and visitors can experience the highest humidity at the height of the summer. The peak months to visit this beautiful Caribbean Island in November and December. While the crowds may be discouraging, the weather is perfect for the beach, and other outdoor activities on the island.

How To Get Around the Island?

Renting a car is the perfect option for tourists looking to get the full experience. Taxis and Ubers are not the best options when visiting Martinique because the former is costly and the latter is not available on the island. People don't recognize public transportation well, but a ferry is accessible from Fort-de-France or Pointe De Bout for travelers who don't wish to go through the hassle of renting or staying with a car.

Why Plan A Vacation To Martinique?

Founded in 1502, Martinique is a French region overseas and has a lot to offer visitors going on a vacation. Situated in the Lesser Antilles, Martinique is divided into two, the north side, brimming with beautiful mountains and flourishing forests, and the south, known for its pristine beaches and luxurious hotels. This region has gone through major changes, from the colonial period to slavery to a series of volcanic eruptions to economic developments. Now visitors can explore the island and help the locals appreciate the achievements through their struggles. Planning a vacation in Martinique, up in its gorgeous mountains, forests, and beaches is worth the hassle!

  • The Capital of the island: Fort-de-France
  • Currency: Euros
  • Language: French is the main language, but some locals are speaking Antillean Creole

Things To Do In Martinique

Like most Caribbean destinations, Martinique offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, amazing beaches, great hiking, and dolphin watching. The island is boasting a unique culture, with a mix of influences from French, South Asian, and African roots.

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Experience Château Dubuc Ruins

Visiting Château Dubuc ruins is the best way to engage and learn about the island’s past. The estate's history dates back to the 17th century and is full of beautiful walking trails, which visitors can walk through as they learn the history of the old buildings. A self-guided audio tour will help visitors understand the history better. When done exploring this beautiful historic castle, one can head to the nearby lighthouse and enjoy incredible views of the peninsula. It is important to pack some sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen for this tour.

Go Snorkeling

Martinique is a perfect destination to go snorkeling, thanks to its gorgeous beaches and clear waters. There are instructors to guide travelers on most of the beaches on the island, and they can always rent snorkeling equipment for their excursions. Most of the island's beaches offer a great snorkeling experience, but none of them are as good as Anse Noire and Anse Dufour, which feature beautiful coral reefs and breathtaking marine life.

Go Hiking Around Mount Pelee

Mount Pelee hosts some of the most impressive hiking trails in the country and guarantees an incredible adventure experience. This mountain is an active volcano - travelers can explore a lot around it through the beautiful hiking trails. The L’Aileron Trail is a 4.7-mile hiking trail, which can lead visitors to the crater's rim, and offers fascinating views. The trail is difficult, and it's meant for the most experienced hikers and adventure lovers. There are many other trails to hike through, and no matter which trail one chooses in this area, travelers should get there early, and pack water and plenty of sunscreens.

Visit The Diamond Rock

Le Diamant Beach's white sandy beaches are the island's main attractions, and travelers can enjoy an incredible view of the Diamond Rock. Many pictures of this great rock have been captioned on Instagram and other social media sites, and many visitors have only seen them there. Visiting one of these gorgeous sandy beaches offers travelers an incredible opportunity to experience this beautiful rock and take some epic pictures themselves!

The Island of Martinique has a lot to explore, and visiting it is totally worth it!