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Situated about five hours south of Lima and three hours north of Nazca, Huacachina is a small unique desert oasis, worth every traveler’s time. Peru is famous for its Andean landscapes, but 10% of its area is a sandy coastal desert. Tourists can best experience this desert part of Peru in Huacachina, thanks to the vast spectacular sand dunes, the biggest in South America. Made popular by sand boarding tours and dune buggy rides, this place is undeniably beautiful. No wonder it’s an attraction to tourists from all corners of the world! Travelers can also enjoy other tours in the town or close by. Huacachina is a must-see destination.


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How To Get To Huacachina?

Tourists may think getting to the only desert oasis in South America is difficult. Well, the truth is, traveling to this charming village is not as simple as getting to Cusco or Lima. Travelers cannot fly directly to Huacachina since there are no airports in Ica, which is the closest city to the oasis. Travelers can only take a bus or tour to Huacachina from Lima. It takes about five hours to travel via a public bus to Huacachina from Lima. However, a public bus is not the best option if one wants to get to the village safely. These buses tend to pick up random passengers they meet on the way and transport them without checking their IDs. This is why there are many cases of pickpocketing along the way. Other than pickpocketing on a public bus, travelers will have to unboard the vehicle in Ica and take a taxi to Huacachina, which takes about 15 minutes.

The best option using Peru Hop, a bus company with an excellent rating on TripAdvisor. Peru Hop guarantees quality transport services to the destination. The company has more than 40 passes that visitors can choose from, and every traveler will find one that suits them.

Another option is taking a tour of this Peru's charming village, which is the best option for travelers looking to spend some days in Lima. Nazca Lines Flight and Sandboarding & Dunebuggy tours are the most common!

What Is The Best Time To Explore Huacachina?

The good news is, that Huacachina's weather is consistently warm and sunny, and the area rarely experiences rain. This means that travelers can visit the charming village at any time of the year. However, the best time to explore Huacachina is between April and July, as the temperatures averages at 67℉. At this time, the weather is pleasant outdoor. Being in the high season, travelers should expect crowds at the oasis.

Experience Different Tastes Cuisines At the Many Restaurants In The Oasis

Being a globally recognized travel destination, there is a wide variety of restaurants serving different tastes of food to their guests. Wild Olive Trattoria & Guest House is one of the most impressive restaurants at the oasis. It is an interesting Italian restaurant, always open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant is situated in a strategic position, including a patio area overlooking the boardwalk and Huacachina’s stunning lagoon. Travelers can make reservations, especially if they are touring in large groups, or planning to hold a special occasion in this fine restaurant. The restaurant prepares a wide variety of Italian dishes, including the freshest homemade pasta and pizzas. Some of the menu favorites include raviolo served with cheese and spinach, Omelette, grilled vegetables, Tuscany sandwiches, and lasagna.

  • Opening hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Other restaurants visitors can dine at in the area are Desert Nights, La Casa De Bamboo, and Nuna Cocina. Desert Nights serve a mix of American and Peruvian staples, including ceviche. La Casa De Bamboo is a restaurant and café - offering a mix of exotic food and vegetarian options. Nuna Cocina on the other hand, offers Peruvian and Peruvian-Chinese dishes, including chaufa.

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Travel Safety In Huacachina

Huacachina is a very small village town, and almost all the residents recognize one another. Other than the rare pickpocketing issues along the way from Lima to Huacachina on a public bus, the village itself is very safe. Its streets are well-lit, and visitors will not experience trouble wandering alone at night. Being a close-knit community, travelers visiting this oasis always have an incredible opportunity of learning the culture and the general lifestyle of people living in Ica. Although small, the town is brimming with parties, restaurants, and bars, keeping the place lively and interesting. It might not be on the list of party towns, but the nightlife here runs till 5:00 am. The only safety issue visitors might have to worry about is standing up while doing sandboarding. Otherwise, Huacachina is a safe destination to visit at any time of the year.

Things To Do In Huacachina

Most visitors only take a one-day trip to this beautiful oasis because there is not much to do there. The main tourist attraction which brings visitors from all over the globe is the sand dune boarding, something for everyone to enjoy. It is not difficult to master for first-timers, and there are guides to offer their assistance until everyone is comfortable. Travelers not able to stand on the board can always use it face-down. Another interesting thing in Huacachina is buggy rides, where the driver takes visitors to explore the steep sand dunes. It is an experience no one would want to miss.

Is Visiting Huacachina Worth It?

Visiting and exploring Huacachina is definitely worth it! Would anyone want to miss witnessing South America's only desert oasis? It is something every traveler would want to experience.