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Miami, Florida’s travel jewel that’s known for fine weather, fine beaches, and fine food, has a look and feel that’s charming, flashy, and electrifying—all at once. Miami boasts of several mind-blowing attractions and is hugely popular for its many pristine beaches. One of these is South Beach, a hugely sought-after beach famous for its soft white sand, shallow waters—and a party scene that can be insanely wild and uninhibited. Then there’s Crandon Beach, a breathtaking gem in Key Biscayne that’s also a top contender for the best beach in the “Magic City.”


In this article, we let our readers in on why Crandon Beach is a destination that any traveler would want to experience. And this is the good news: This hidden jewel is all waiting to be explored.

Here’s Why You Should Visit Miami’s Crandon Beach

When one makes his way to the beach, he’s met by a sight that’s calm, beautiful, and evocative. The serrated leaves of palm trees that stand on the fine sand sway—sometimes furiously, at other times softly—in the usually balmy Miami weather. The breeze is a godsend. It lifts up the heat wave around the shoreline, imbuing it with a microclimate that has the look and feel of an oasis in the desert.

Far above, the Miami sky is blue. Over yonder, the ocean waters are bluer. A few meters ahead is a beautiful sandbar that the beach is known for. Actually, some locals just call it “the beach with a sandbar.” The sandbar is a raised portion of firm sand on the ocean. It fashions the area like a beautiful lagoon. The outcome is that the stretch is so enjoyable to play—or wade in—especially for children. The beach’s waters are clear. Her sand— spotless. That’s Miami’s Crandon Beach, a breathtaking travel gem that elegantly sits on Biscayne Bay.

  • Where Is Miami’s Crandon Beach Located? Crandon Beach is located to the north of Key Biscayne, just next to Crandon Golf Course.

On most days, Crandon Beach is peaceful and quiet. And while there’ll be crowds, especially on summer weekends, it rarely gets to the suffocating point where toes are stepped on and elbows shoved. And with grills on the site, one can enjoy a delectable barbeque with a seaside view. At the site, lifeguards patrol the beach—scanning the area for the slightest sign of risk or danger. All of these contribute to making the beach a hot favorite of families. There’s also a freshwater shower where someone can wash and freshen up before stepping out.

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These Are The Activities You’ll Enjoy At Crandon Beach

As a family vacation destination, Crandon Beach is over the top. This is especially true of the southern part. The reason is that surfers usually throng the northern part because the northern part has waves that make surfing ideal. On the flip side, the southern part is calmer and more serene—just what many families look for on a beach. Also, on the beach are chairs and umbrellas that are available for rent. One can lounge on these shaded chairs—happily whiling away the time—walk in the shallow jetties, or just fly kites with children. Those who love skating will be thrilled to find Crandon Park South Beach Skating Rink Center, which, even though it isn’t the world’s largest skating rink, is just as thrilling.

Just about a mile away is Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center. Here, nature lovers will enjoy learning interesting facts and factoids about Biscayne’s coastal ecosystem, admiring nature exhibits, or choosing presents at the nearby gift shop. Another interesting activity individuals and families can enjoy is hiking. The 6-mile Crandon Beach Walk, rated the best in Crandon Park by Alltrails, takes less than two hours to hike. Aside from many splashy water sports, including snorkeling, swimming, and riding surfs—birding enthusiasts will enjoy beach birding as there are many species of our feathered friends right on the beach. That said, Crandon Beach has its small drawbacks. And one of these is the presence of seaweed. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to find spots on the water without seaweed.

How Is Parking Like In Miami’s Crandon Beach?

Crandon Beach has a spacious parking area. The parking lot is right in front of the beach. On weekends, the parking lot can fill up very quickly. That’s the reason it’s advisable to get to the beach early so that one can easily find a parking slot without much hassle. However, on weekdays, parking is a breeze. Compared to other beaches in Miami, especially South Beach, parking at Crandon Beach is much more affordable. For instance, while one will pay $4 per hour (on-street) at South Beach, the parking fee at Crandon Beach is only $5 for the whole day—on weekdays.

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As a family vacation destination, Miami’s Crandon Beach has few peers. But just as we’ve seen, there are many other reasons Miami’s hidden gem is worth exploring.